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Non Chemical Control Measures Against Spiders

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Though some pests and insects can cause potential damage to property and trigger health issues, spiders are often considered beneficial. Garden spiders though primarily are found on trees and plants are actually useful in killing other insects and harmful pests that infest. But there are harmful spider species whose venom can be poisonous for humans. Also, cobwebs in the house can become storage points for dust and dirt. Therefore, it is better to remove spiders to keep the home clean.

  • Vacuuming spiders away is the best control technique that can be exercised as they are soft and cannot fight against the strength of a vacuum cleaner.

  • Large individual spiders can be caught in a jar and let out if the numbers are less.
  • Sealing cracks and holes in doors and windows will not give any opportunity for the entry of spiders.
  • Proper screening will keep not only spiders out but also some insects that spiders feed on
  • Minimize the use of boxes as storage units and if they are used ensure that they are not left either close to the floor, door or wall.
  • Cleaning clutter once every now and then keeps spiders off.
  • Trimming plants and shrubs regularly can ward away insects and thereby spiders
  • Cut branches of low lying trees in the garden and clean the debris from such trees and plants at regular intervals

Ensure that lighting fixtures are placed away from doorways and windows as lights attract insects and thereby spiders

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