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How to Detect Lawn Infestation?

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Lawn infestations are common and hence it is necessary to ensure that your lawn is safe from any pest intrusions. It is necessary to conduct a lawn examination regularly at least once every week to ensure that your lawn is free from pest infestation. Weeds attract pests to a large extent. Ensure that you weed your lawn regularly; never allow them to grow unnecessarily.

Dense healthy grass prevents weed growth. New turf grass is vulnerable to insects and unhealthy. The irrigation and fertilizer use for a new turf grass varies from an old one. The infestation comes to light when under lights – the adult insects are drawn to lights during the nights and that is good indication that the lawn is infected. Another sign to look for is when predators like birds and raccoons are busy digging your lawn for caterpillars and worms, though there is every chance that they are feeding on earthworms, you can have a check of the lawn to clear doubts.


Once you have detected it, ensure that you get to the root of it to know the actual cause. If you think that the infestation is insects then find proof for it. The drench test can come in handy here or you can inspect the roots for potential damage. The drench test can be used to identify worms and caterpillars but you may not be able to judge the presence of grubs. Ensure that the insects are harmful ones by checking the list of harmful lawn inspects in any pest information site. Some insects are useful and beneficial as well, you need not bother about them.

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