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Lady Bugs Deployed To Clean Up Campus of Lawn Pests

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Tom Heisinger, the manager of the campus grounds in the UnionCollege gave a thrilling sight to the onlookers and campus residents by unleashing lady bugs on a weekday afternoon in the open grounds. The scene resembled that of a horror movie as Tom unleashed the insects out into the open and some of them even crawling all over him in the process.

The reason for this act was simple. He stated that he did so to help clean up the campus grounds that were infested with pests. Lady bugs are the man’s friend when it comes to pest insect eradication. They feed on the pests creating a healthy lawn. They are one of the quickest cleaners of lawns that you can find. The aphids create major damage to trees and plants by sucking the sap out of them. You leash lady bugs and within matter of days all the aphids disappear. No need for pesticides when you have these ladies on hand!

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