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Time to Begin the Onslaught on Insects

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Onslaught on InsectsInsects can become a real annoyance if you let them be and hence it needs the right measure to get rid of them for good. Though there are high claims from insecticide manufacturers about driving the bugs away ‘forever’ it actually ain’t that simple. Onslaught has been around for sometime and has been working wonders on bugs and crawlers like scorpions and roaches. It works well on hornets as well.

Though there is a popular opinion in the industry that this works well with all the insects, it does not so with bed bugs and very tiny insects that may not be visible to the eye. Also Onslaught may not be very effective on fire ants. The recommended usage level given in the label is good enough. It may not be recommended for use when there are pet animals in the house. If you are using this to ward of bees and hornets, then you can try to tie it high enough near the nest if you have dogs in the house. This way you can still use it and protect your pet at the same time.

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