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How To Kill Yellow Jacket Nest? Find Your Answers Here!

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Where do Yellow Jackets Nest and Populate?

Yellow jackets can be extremely dangerous when they attack a person in groups. Multiple stings can trigger serious allergic reactions and can even turn out to be fatal. If you ever happen to disturb the yellow jacket nest, then these wasps can turn aggressive and sting you. When they sting a person, it injects venom into the body of the person. Hence, it is always better to get rid of a nest before the yellow jackets grow and multiply into a large uncontrollable colony. Here the first step you need to do is to find out where do yellow jackets nest. A yellow jacket nest in tree, underground, wall voids, attics, etc.

Where They Nest?
Yellow jackets are often found to set up various colonies and infest in a residential area. They often opt for secluded and dark spots to nest. This makes it further difficult to find the nest. You might be having a yellow jacket nest in the walls of your home, and you might not notice it in the beginning. They also nest in underground areas, holes under window sills, doors, etc. Other hiding places include below the steps, pavements, porches, in rotten logs and also under the bottom portion of trees.

How The Nests Get Disturbed
Contrary to the popular belief, the yellow jacket nests not only get disturbed when we touch or poke it. They can even get disturbed by the vibration of footsteps on the ground. The underground yellow jacket nests can get disturbed when you mow the lawn, prune the shrubs, walk near it or bounce balls over it. Sometimes, the yellow jackets may nest just below a tennis or basketball court. In that case, the bouncing balls can agitate the colony of yellow jackets underground. Yellow jackets can travel a long distance of about thousand feet from their nests in search of food. A thousand feet is the size of three football fields!

Ways To Kill Yellow Jacket Nest
Here are some efficient ways of removing yellow jacket nest:

  • Use a wasp and hornet killer and spray it directly inside the opening of the yellow jacket nest. It is better to try this during early mornings or dusk when these wasps are less active.
  • In case you are not able to find out the exact location of the nest, you can use disposable or reusable traps and set it near the patios, backyards, campsites and trash cans in your area.
  • A waspinator can be used to mimic the presence of an enemy wasp nest and drive off the yellow jackets as they might think the area is already occupied by other insects.
  • In the case of a yellow jacket nest in wall, you can cover up the exit and entrance holes of the yellow jacket nest using an insecticide powder. The yellow jackets left outside will crawl up through the insecticide powder and get insecticide powder stuck on their bodies. Thus, they carry insecticide inside the nest and kill other insects inside the nest.
  • If you find an aerial yellow jacket nest, you can use a large cloth bag to get rid of it. Wait till it gets dark, and the yellow jackets turn drowsy and less active. Then reach up near the nest and completely envelope the nest with the bag. Tie the bag tightly so that the yellow jackets won’t be able to escape outside. You can later break off the bag and submerge the nest inside the secured bag inside water. This helps in killing the yellow jackets inside by drowning them. You can even tie one or two stones to the bag so that it gets submerged completely. This is one of the best ways for yellow jacket nest removal.
  • If the nest is underground, then seal up the exit and entry holes to the nest. For this, first, you have to explore and find all the entry and exit holes. Then wait till the night seeps in and the yellow jackets turn less active and drowsy. Now start sealing all the entry and exit holes slowly. You can use large bowls to seal the holes. Let the bowls remain there for about 2 weeks. The yellow jackets will start getting disoriented inside the prison and probably get killed within 2 weeks. Otherwise, they might find a way out and relocate to another nest.
  • If the nest is located at a place that does not cause much harm to you, like in the attics or places you seldom pass by; they you can wait for some time till the winter approaches. The yellow jacket nest winter is a time when it dies off naturally. If you happen to find the nest by the end of summer or fall season, then it is better to wait a little more and let nature take its course. You don’t need to take the risk of getting stung by the yellow jackets or spent money to hire an exterminator.
  • In case of ayellow jacket nest in ground, you can use soap of peppermint castile and water mixed equally. Pour it through the opening followed by hot boiling water. It helps in killing the yellow jackets.
  • Use large glass bowls to cover up the holes in a nest during cold mornings. Never approach the nest in hot climates. The yellow jackets are very active during summers. You can also take the help of another person holding a cooking spray in their hands. If any yellow jacket comes outside while you are sealing the openings, the helper can immediately spray the cooking spray on them. Cooking sprays are very effective against yellow jackets and are completely safe on humans.
  • You can use a vacuum attached to a large bag to evacuate the yellow jackets. Place the vacuum pump head on the opening of a nest during early mornings. Then wait till it gets sunny and hot. Now switch on the vacuum. The yellow jackets get aggressive and rush to attack the spot from where the sound is heard and get sucked into the vacuum. Keep the vacuum running until you are sure that all the yellow jackets are sucked into the bag. Now seal the opening of the vacuum while the machine is still on. Tape it securely and leave it outside in the sun for about 2 days. After two days, you can dispose of the bag.
  • You can also use a bug zapper and place it near the entrance hole of the nest. The sizzling sounds and glowing screens attract the yellow jackets, and they start attacking it. Thus, they get killed easily.

Get To Know The Tips And Tricks On How To Remove Yellow Jacket Nest

Yellow jackets can be removed easily if you follow the tips and tricks listed below. Take a look:

  • If the yellow jacket nest is under the ground, explore out at night time and locate the holes to the nest using a powerful flashlight. Now start applying D-Force HPX spray of aerosol inside the nest. This will help in killing the yellow jackets. Ensure that you wear protective clothing before you start doing it.
  • You can also use Delta Dust as an effective way to remove the yellow jackets. Apply it inside and around the nest during cold mornings or night time. It lasts there for about four to six months and thus helps in complete eradication of the yellow jackets. Make sure you apply the Delta dust liberally. You can make use of a centrobulb duster for applying it easily. Apply it again after three or four months to ensure that all the recently hatched yellow jackets in the nest also gets killed.
  • If the yellow jackets are located inside thick ground surfaces, and you don’t know exactly where they are located, then you can use insecticides in liquid form. Use Cynoff WP or Demon WP and spray it all over the whole area by using a gallon spray. Make sure that the whole area gets fully drenched in the liquid insecticide, especially all around the holes you suspect to be the entrance or exit holes of the nest. You can repeat this process after about four to ten days and listen for any activity underground.

Got Yellow Jacket Nest In House, On Trees Or Underground? Here Is What You Can Do!

Yellow jacket nests can be deftly removed if you do it carefully after detailed planning. Here are some other ways to remove yellow jacket nest in tree, underground or walls:

  • You can make use of amber or red color lights used to attract wasps and illuminate an aerial yellow jacket nest at night time. Then you can use a plastic injector and spray Delta Dust or D-Force HPX Aerosol inside the nest. It is always better to inject it into the back side of the nest than making use of the front side entrance of the nest.
  • In case of aerial yellow jacket nest, cover up the nest using a large bag at night and cut off the tree branch holding the nest. Now you can inject Delta Dust or D-Force HPX Aerosol insecticides into the bag and seal it. The yellow jackets will get killed.
  • If the nest is located inside your building structure like in voids of walls, you can make use of listening devices to find out the location of the nest. Next, you have to drill tiny holes into the nest through the walls. In case you find it difficult to drill the hole from the inside, drill it through outside walls instead. After the fall season, when the egg hatching is complete, you can seal off all the holes and apply insecticides like Delta Dust. You can use centrobulb dusters for applying insecticide easily. Ensure that all the holes inside are sealed effectively.
  • If the nest is located underground, use Sevin 5 Garden Dust and pour it into an easy to dispose of paper cup. Fill up quarter level of the cup. Now, approach the nest slowly as if you are simply strolling near it. Now, pour the contents into the nest and get away from the spot quickly. Now, the wasps entering or going out of the holes will start getting killed. After they get killed, you can dispose of the paper cup in a trash can.

Efficient Removal And Prevention!
All the above tips can ensure that all the yellow jackets in and around your area get removed efficiently and easily. The repellents may not work every time. Hence, it is always better to prevent infestation of yellow jackets in your area. You can prevent yellow jackets to a great extent by covering the trash cans, food materials, and pet foods securely. Yellow jackets get attracted at the sight of food and are also lured by sweets. Here are some extra tips:

  • During summer seasons, yellow jackets prefer to eat meat. Hence ensure that all the meat items in your home are completely covered and secured.
  • If you go outside for a picnic, keep the food items at least twenty to thirty feet away from the nest openings. This ensures that the yellow jackets won’t smell the food.
  • If you use bottle traps, always empty it on a regular basis. A dead yellow jacket may prevent other yellow jackets from getting caught inside.
  • Whenever you notice any holes or burrows in your area, immediately fill it up with dirt or soil to avoid setting up of yellow jacket nests.
  • Repair any holes you notice on your walls, below the doors, windows or screens. This helps to ensure that the yellow jackets won’t nest inside your building.
  • If you notice yellow jackets entering through chimney holes, seal it temporarily using tape to drive away the yellow jackets.
  • Always close the trash cans using a tight lid and cover up the outsides of the trash can with an efficient wasp repellent used for yellow jackets.

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