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How To Get Rid Of House Flies Outdoors And Indoors? All Your Queries Answered!

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The Quick Tricks to Get Rid of Flies Could Help

Are you getting troubled with the house fly infestation in your home or surroundings? Are you done trying all the methods known to you and still not able to get rid of them? Read on below for some easy and quick ways to get rid of house flies and drive away diseases from your homes! Dealing with house flies can seem to be a tedious process. You might wonder how to get rid of houseflies in summer when they can be real spoilsports, disturbing parties, picnics, barbeques, and often invading the kitchen and spoiling the food kept there.

Why Do You Need To Get Rid Of The House Flies?
People often dismiss off the houseflies as just another insect flying around. Since it won’t sting or bite humans or even animals, we tend to take it lightly and consider it only as a disturbance and nothing more! But that would be the biggest mistake you make! Though they look harmless, they can be the most dangerous creature around! House flies transmit more than hundred different types of disease-causing pathogens, which includes tuberculosis, typhoid, salmonellosis and many more. The house flies feed on decaying matter, faeces and trash materials. These waste substances stick to their body and legs. Then the flies will come and rest on your food substances leaving the disease-causing pathogens on your food. They also keep defecating continuously which further causes diseases.

Do You Need DIY Methods Or Professional Methods?
When it comes to getting rid of flies, there are two ways you can do it effectively. The first method is obviously the DIY methods you can use at home. But if the fly infestation is severe and beyond your control, then you will have to opt for professional methods. If you opt for DIY methods, then make sure you will have to ensure that you get the right traps or methods to get rid of the flies. You will also have to maintain cleanliness and proper sanitation to prevent flies from coming back again.

Inspect The Area First!
Before deciding on which method to choose, the first step you need to do is to inspect the areas in and around your home to find potential fly breeding zones. If there is a vast fly infestation in your home, then it is better to hire a professional to inspect for you. Look for areas where the flies might have deposited their eggs. Keep an eye out for decaying or decomposing materials, rotten fruits, garbage piles, stagnant water and other unclean surroundings that will lure the flies.

Drive Away The Flies!
If you are looking for ways to drive away the flies from your locality, then these are some of the methods you could adopt:

  • Switch Off The Lights!
    Yes! It is as simple as that! The flies are always attracted to light sources. So, you can try switching off the lights in your rooms at night, and the flies will fly away towards any light source outside. You could also shut the drapes and blinds during daytime and make the rooms dark so that the flies will fly away.
  • Use Vacuum
    If you are up for a game, then you can try using a vacuum and get rid of the flies in a mid-air flight. You can move closer to them and hover near the flies for about ten to twenty seconds and swoop the vacuum to grab the flies. You should try this method only if your vacuum has a bag attached to it.
  • Switch On The Fan And Drive Away The Flies
    Flies will easily get repelled if you switch on the table fan or ceiling fan in your room. This can be the easiest way out in case you are wondering how to get rid of house flies indoors.
  • Use Citronella Candles
    The aroma of citronella candles helps in driving away both house flies and mosquitos. Both these flying insects hate the smoke of citronella. You can try placing these candles on the benches, under the tables or near any openings to the house. These candles look pretty and can uplift the aesthetic looks of your house interiors too.
  • Use Cinnamon
    House flies that detest the aroma of cinnamon will get easily repelled if you use cinnamon in and around your home. You can opt air fresheners with cinnamon aroma and spray it around your house to repel away the flies. It helps in making your home smell good too.
  • Make Use Of Fresh Cucumber!
    If you are wondering how to get rid of house flies naturally, then cucumber could be the answer! Flies detest the smell of fresh cucumber. You can drive away the house flies from your garbage bins by arranging fresh pieces of cucumber. You can either arrange over the bin’s lid or just lay it over the garbage. The flies will fly away.
  • Get Non-Toxic Insecticides
    If all the above methods fail to work, you can try getting some non-toxic insecticides and sprinkle it near the bins of garbage or the plants in your yard.

How To Get Rid Of House Flies In The House? Here Are The Ways To Do It!

In case you are wondering how to get rid of house flies home remedies, there are many ways to do it. The easiest way would be to use a swatter. The house fly has a three-hundred-and-sixty-degree vision. Hence, you can’t approach a house fly from behind and use a swatter to kill them.
Use An Electronic Paddle Swatter!
You can make use of an electric paddle swatter to kill the flies. It is a much more sanitary way to kill the flies. The flies and insects get killed instantly when it comes in contact with the electronic swatter. Hence, you need not crush the flies with a swatter and make the place dirty.

DIY Ways To Get Rid Of House Flies
There are many DIY ways to get rid of house flies easily. There is no need to seek professional help when you can get rid of the flies by yourself.

  • Use Vinegar Or Wine
    How to get rid of house flies with vinegar? Get some bowls and add vinegar or wine inside it. Add some dish wash soap and mix the liquids well. This mix will help in trapping the flies easily. Dish wash soap will break the surface tension present in vinegar and drown the unsuspecting flies.
  • Soap Of Green Apple
    Flies easily get lured to the aroma of green apples. Hence, green apple soap can be used to trap flies. Take a jar and add two spoons of green apple liquid soap in it. Pour some water over it. The flies get lured by the green apple smell and will get drowned in the water. If you are considering ways on how to get rid of house flies in the winter, you can try these natural methods.
  • Use White Wine
    Get some white wine and mix it up with a dish wash soap. Pour this mix into a bowl and place it in fly infested areas. The flies will get lured by the smell of white wine and get drowned in the mix.
  • Make Use Of Herbs
    There are many herbs which naturally repel away the house flies. They are rosemary, lavender, and basil. Wormwood also works wonders in repelling away from the house flies. You can plant these herbs in your patios, near entrances and near the windows of your home to keep away the disease-causing house flies.
  • Use Cloves
    Cloves are always found in kitchens and this simple ingredient can be effectively used to drive away the house flies. In case you are trying to find an answer for how to get rid of house flies in the kitchen, then cloves are the answer! Take some cloves and put it inside a soft muslin bag or cloth bag. You can also use paper towels and secure it with a rubber band or string. Hang these bags near the kitchen entrances or in any fly infested places of your home. You can also poke the cloves into an apple to drive away the flies.
  • Use Lemon And Cloves
    Flies detest the aroma of cloves and lemon. Hence, you can make use of this combination to get rid of the house flies from your home or while picnicking outside your home. Cut the lemon into two halves and stick cloves into it. Stick the pointed edges into the lemon with the bud pointed outwards. This arrangement helps in driving away the flies and also makes a lovely table décor you can place in the midst of your table while dining outside.
  • Use Cornmeal And Molasses
    Flies get lured by the aroma of cooked food and meat in your hot barbeque. Hence, you can use cornmeal and molasses mix while you are having a barbeque party outside your home. Prepare this mix inside a bowl and keep it near the barbeque area.
  • Use Fly Tapes
    Fly papers or fly tapes are very useful in getting rid of house flies. Get one or two rolls of the tape from your nearest store and hang these tapes in fly infested areas. It helps in killing the adult flies easily. You can also make fly papers at home by using brown papers, fabrics or any thin paper. Dip it in a syrup of corn and hang them near entrances and fly infested areas. The flies will get stuck on the sticky corn syrup and die.
  • Use Apple Cider Vinegar
    Get a jar or bottle and pour some apple cider vinegar. Flies get lured by the aroma of fermented substances and apple cider vinegar is nothing but fermented apples! Cover the opening of the jar or bottle with a wrap made of plastic. Secure it using a rubber band. Now, make a small hole for the flies to enter inside the bottle. The flies will be lured by the smell and enter inside through the hole. They won’t be able to find the way outside and will get killed inside the bottle or jar.
  • Make Use Of Fruits
    Get some overripe fruits like banana. Mash it up and place it in a jar or bottle. Cover it using plastic made wrap. Rotten fruits will lure house flies and gnats. Make small holes on the plastic cover for the flies to get inside. They will get trapped inside the bottle or jar.
  • Make A Fly Repellent Spray
    There is no need to buy repellent sprays filled with harmful chemicals from the market when you can make a spray at your home itself. You can get a spray bottle and mix some natural fly repellents with water in the bottle and use it as a spray to repel away the flies. You can use natural repellents like bay leaf, cucumber, clove oil, cayenne pepper, camphor, aloe vera, eucalyptus, cayenne pepper, and vodka.
  • Use Ready Made Traps
    There are many ready-made traps available in the stores near you. You can buy them and use them to get rid of the flies. The most popularly used traps are UV traps , sugar traps etc., In UV traps, the UV rays will lure the flies inside the trap and then the trap will zap the flies when they enter inside.

Here Are Some Other Ways To Get Rid Of House Flies Causing Harmful Diseases

You can easily get rid of the house flies by using the natural house fly killers and repellents. It is always better to use natural methods as it won’t cause any harm to the nature and surrounding environments. Essential oils are very helpful in repelling away the house flies. You can use essential oils like lavender, thyme, peppermint, geranium, clove, lemongrass, and basil. Even natural repellents like soybean, catnip, Bergamot, Tea tree, neem, cedar, and vetiver also works fine. You can use a few drops of the essential oil or natural repellents in a spray bottle or diffuser and spray or place it near fly infested areas or inside your rooms to drive away the house flies.

Insecticides To The Rescue!
If nothing seems to work and the fly infestation seems to go on increasing, then you will have to resort to the use of insecticides. Be careful while using it and take care that your pets or little kids do not go near the areas sprinkled or sprayed with insecticides.

  • Use Boric AcidBoric acid is often used as one of the best natural insecticides. You can get powdered boric acid from the stores nearby. Sprinkle it over the fly-infested areas, and the powder will get stuck on the hairs over the fly’s body. Later, when they try to preen, they will ingest this boric acid and get killed.
  • Use Diatomaceous Earth
    This one is another non-toxic way to get rid of the house flies. It acts in such a way that it desiccates and damages the insect’s exoskeleton. You can use a duster to powder the dust over your plants, areas of fly infestations and also over the garbage cans. If there are pets in your house, then the flies can breed on the pet’s litter areas or boxes. Hence, ensure that you clean the pet’s litter regularly and dust some diatomaceous earth in the litter boxes too.
  • Use Pyrethrin Spray
    You can get rid of the flies by spraying them with pyrethrin. It can also be used to treat the entrances to your home, the doorways, windows, etc. But, it is better to try other natural methods first and use this method only if the natural methods fail to work.
  • Set Aerosol Bombs!
    If the fly infestation is beyond your control, then you can try small aerosol bombs. These will continue spraying the insecticide till the bottle becomes empty. Ensure that you remove all the food materials and cover up all the surfaces used to prepare food. Remove the pets and other inhabitants of the house. Now, set the bomb and let it spray away all the flies in your home. But, be prepared to clean the surfaces after the bomb gets rid of the flies.
  • Use Fly Baits!
    You can make use of fly baits with insecticides to get rid of the house flies in and around your area. You can purchase the baits as pellets, liquids or in the form of traps that are already baited when bought. Use these baits in places where the flies visit often. There are some decals that come with baits. You can fix these decals over the window panes. The flies will feed on the coating of decal which is made of insecticide. Thus, the flies die and can be seen dead near the window sills.

Ways To Control House Flies
There are many ways to control the house fly infestations in your house using natural methods. Let us take a quick look:

  • Biological Control
    Make use of parasitoid wasps to kill the flies in its pupa stage itself and stop them from growing into adults and reproducing to form a large infestation of flies. The wasp can kill the pupa of flies by stinging it hard.
  • Natural Killers
    There are many natural killers of house flies. Pitcher plant and Venus flytrap are two carnivorous plants that kill insects like flies when they fly near it. It helps in controlling the population of house flies.

Precautions To Be Taken While Getting Rid Of The Flies
Here are some precautions to be taken while using various methods to get rid of the house flies:

  • If you are using a trap indoors, then ensure that you use a light trap specially designed for using indoors only. The bug zappers used outside has a high voltage and can create a huge mess if used indoors.
  • While using fly tapes, make sure that you don’t hang it near or above the area you prepare or place food. The flies which get stuck on the paper might fall down on your food and spoil it.
  • Though the electronic swatters are easy to use, it can give an electric shock. Hence, it is better not to use the electronic swatter near little kids or pets.
  • If you are using pyrethrin insecticides, make sure you don’t use it near any food substances or areas where you prepare food.
  • The fly baits can pose danger to pets and little kids. Hence, always read the instructions carefully and place the bait away from kids and pets.
  • You can try pouring some solution of bleach into the sink of toilets. But, never mix ammonia and bleach together. It will create toxic fumes that can turn fatal.
  • Lavender oil always has to be diluted before using. The undiluted form can cause allergies.
  • If you are planning to buy diatomaceous earth, ensure that you only buy a food grade product, especially if you have pets or small kids at home or if you plan to use it areas where there are chances that you might inhale the diatomaceous dust.
  • Most of the bug repellents contain harmful chemicals. These chemicals should be always used with extra care and caution. It is always better to avoid chemicals like DEET.

Ways To Prevent House Flies
It is always better to prevent the house flies from entering your house or buzzing around your locality than the struggle for finding ways to remove it. Here are some simple yet useful ways to prevent house flies in your area:

  • Clean Up!
    Yes! Cleanliness is the key to prevent house flies. House flies never visit a clean and tidy locality. Ensure that you don’t have any food particles lying around. Clean up the scrapings and kitchen tops thoroughly. Empty the garbage bins and ensure there is no compost organic matter or rotten substances lying around in your house.
  • Clean Up Your Pet’s Poop
    It is estimated that on an average, the house flies lay about seventy-five to one-hundred and fifty eggs in a single time. They often lay their eggs on poops of animals. The fly eggs can hatch within a matter of twenty-four hours. Hence, it is mandatory that you clean up the poop of your animals as soon as possible. If you left it there, then the next day you will have about one hundred and fifty house flies in your yard!
  • Find The Entrance Points
    Look around your house and find the openings and areas through which the house flies enter your home. There can be some holes in walls or any tears under the window screens. Repair such areas and ensure that the flies do not have any opening left to enter the house.
  • Use Paraffin Oil
    Get some paraffin oil and wipe it around the doorways and window frames to repel away the flies and prevent them from entering your home. It is better not to apply the oil in the inside portion of the house as it can make stains on the walls or your furniture.

Cleanliness Can Help!
Above all, cleanliness and proper sanitation can help in getting rid of the house flies forever. Ensure that you maintain cleanliness on a daily basis and not just for one or two days. Inspect your surroundings once in a while and remove any rotten fruits or decomposed leaves in your garden. All these will help in getting rid of flies easily.

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