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Everything You Need To Know About House Fly Repellents!

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Natural Ways To Repel Flies

House flies can be annoying when they keep buzzing around you and your food particles. They also cause deadly diseases. Hence, it is always better to get rid of them quickly using natural methods so that it doesn’t cause much harm to your health. Flies can be found anywhere and everywhere. If your house and surroundings seem to be infested with flies always or often, then you need to ponder why it is so. Various factors can cause fly infestations. The reasons can be the ideal breeding conditions in and around your home.

About House Flies
Flies have about one million species. House fly is one among the million species. Houseflies can be seen almost anywhere. Flies are known to be carriers of harmful diseases. They often feed on waste materials like fecal matter, garbage, rotten fruits, etc. When they rest on such waste substances, it sticks to their tarsi. Tarsi is the small hair all over its body. All the harmful bacteria and viruses thus get transmitted to any food particles they rest on. Some of the common diseases transmitted by flies are cholera, typhoid, diarrhoea, and dysentery.

Natural Ways To Repel House Flies
Here are some ways by which you can repel house flies away from your house and property:

Use Plastic Bags Of Water
A transparent plastic bag filled with water can easily repel away the house flies. You can hang the bag near your house entrances. This will stop the flies from entering your home. Flies won’t be able to recognize that it is a plastic bag filled with water. They have a different eye structure than us. For them, the plastic bag filled with water looks like something similar to a spider web. This creates an illusion that drives them away. Let us take a look on how to do it:

    • Fill a plastic bag with water to its half amount
    • Secure the open mouth of the bag using a rubber band or a piece of thread.
    • Hang it near your doorways, windows, and garage entrances.

Use Lavender Oil
Lavender oil is well known for its soothing benefits on nerves. But, many do not know that it can also be used as an effective insect repellent. This essential oil works wonders in getting rid of black flies, beetles, whitefly, greenfly and house flies. Here is how you can make use of lavender oil to repel the flies:

  • Take a sponge or a piece of a clean cloth
  • Dip it in the lavender oil.
  • Place the cloth or sponge inside a tin can. Secure it with a lid and leave it inside the can for twenty-four hours.
  • After twenty-four hours, open the lid of the can and place the tin in a place where the fly infestation is more.
  • The air exposure can reduce the oil’s strength. So, replenish the oil inside the tin after usage.
  • Ensure that you don’t let the oil spill on your body as the undiluted oil can cause harm to your skin.

Other Essential Oils
Besides lavender oil, various other essential oils can also be used to repel away the house flies. You can make use of lemongrass oil, peppermint oil, eucalyptus oil, citronella, or peppermint oil. Here are some points to remember when you use these:

  • Dilute the oil with water or alcohol in the ratio 1:3. One part of oil can be mixed with three parts of alcohol or water.
  • It is difficult to mix oil and water. Hence, it is better you use alcohol instead.

Use Cloves And Lemon
We humans may love the aroma of cloves. But flies detest it. They don’t like the smell of this spice used in many dishes. Hence, cloves can be easily used to repel the house flies. It can be used in combination with lemon which is yet another smell the flies detest.

  • Take some lemons and cut it into two halves each.
  • Take about six to twelve cloves and poke the pointed end into the open side of the lemons. The bud of the cloves should be outside.
  • Arrange all the lemons poked with cloves on a plate.
  • Place the plate over fly infested places or on your outside dining area. It is a great way to repel flies outside in your yards or in picnic spots.
  • Alternatively, you can also wrap up the cloves in a muslin bag or cheese bag.
  • Hang these bags in areas of fly infestation.

Use Lemongrass Spray
House flies detest the aroma of lemongrass just like they detest the smell of cloves or eucalyptus oil. Get the lemongrass essential oil and pour it into a spray bottle. This acts as a great house fly repellent spray. It repels away the flies and is also a good room refresher.

  • Get lemongrass oil and pour ten to twelve drops inside the bottle.
  • Heat some water and pour the hot water over the drops of oil.
  • Shake the bottle well so that the ingredients get mixed well.
  • Spray the contents near your doorways, windows, and areas of fly infestation.
  • You can even use it to spray directly on a fly you spot near you.
  • Keep the bottle handy near you so that you can apply it whenever you need.

Make Use Of Basil
You can use house fly repellent plants like basil to get rid of house flies. Basil is advantageous for us whereas the flies detest its smell. Plant the basils in pots nearby your entrances and doors. It will repel the flies away from your home. The antiviral and anti-bacterial properties of basil impart a healthy environment for you to live in. If you find it difficult to plant basil, you can get some dry leaves of basil from the nearest store and tie it up in a muslin bag or cheese bag. Hang the bag in areas of fly infestation to drive away the flies.

Make Use Of Homemade House Fly Repellent To Drive Away Flies!

Why opt for harmful insecticides and chemicals when you can easily get rid of house flies using the natural products available at your home? Take a look at some of the natural ways to repel the house flies:

Make Use Of Camphor
Camphor is derived from the Camphor Laurel tree and is a white, waxy and dry substance. The strong aroma of camphor drives away the flies as they detest it. You can get camphor tablets from your nearby stores.

  • Take two tablets of camphor and place it on a warmed-up surface. The surface can be your mosquito repelling device, a heat diffuser or if you don’t have any of these, use a metal plate and heat it.
  • When the camphor is placed on a warm surface, it starts giving out an odor that repels away the flies.
  • If you also detest the smell of camphor, you can place it away from you in places which are close to the fly infestation.
  • Alternatively, you can also take a shallow bowl of hot water and place two tablets of camphor inside it. Keep this plate in fly-infested areas to drive away the flies.

Eucalyptus Oil Drives Away Flies!
Eucalyptus oil helps in repelling away from the flies easily as the strong odor is detested by the flies. We humans can safely use this oil.

  • Dilute eucalyptus oil with oils like grapeseed oil.
  • Apply it over the exposed parts of your skin to drive away the flies.
  • Take cloth ribbons or strips and pour eucalyptus oil over it. You can also dip it inside the oil.
  • Hang the strips near doorways, windows, and other entrances.

Use Coffee Grounds
Used coffee grounds can be made use to repel away the houseflies. You can use unused coffee grounds also.

  • Take a handful of coffee grounds and place it over an old pie plate of tin. You can also place it over a foil.
  • Place it on fire and heat it.
  • It starts smoldering, and the flies will start flying away as they detest the smell of coffee grounds burning.
  • Keep replenishing the grounds and drive away all the flies.

Use Mint
The flies also detest the refreshing smell of mint. Hence, you can plant mint in and around your house to drive away the flies. You can also hang sprigs of fresh mint in fly-infested places. This will prevent them from entering your home.

Use Cucumbers
Fresh cucumbers can also be used to repel the house flies. Cut a few slices of cucumber and place it over the trash can. The flies will fly away from the can. Make sure that you replace the slices regularly.

Use Cinnamon
Flies hate the smell of cinnamon. Hence, use this to drive away the flies and also to impart a refreshing cinnamon smell all around your home.

  • Take a pot and boil some sticks of cinnamon on the stove.
  • Add cinnamon essential oil drops in the potpourri or wax burners.

Use Garlic
Garlic contains a Sulphur compound which drives away the house flies. Put one or two tablespoons garlic juice in a cup or bowl of water. Mix it well and add it to a spray bottle. Spray it over fly infested areas to repel away the flies.

Use Geranium
Geranium also helps in repelling away from the insects. Geranium, also called cranesbills is a perennial plant. When various essential oils were tested to find its effectiveness against insects, geranium topped among the first three oils. It is said to be very effective in repelling away flies.

Use Oil Of Tea Tree
Various studies have proved that tea tree oil is very effective in driving away the flies even after twenty-four hours of its application. It is said to be much more effective than the commercially available products for repelling flies.

  • Apply tea tree oil over the exposed parts of your skin
  • Ensure that you mix it with carrier oils like safflower oil before applying it to your skin. Tea tree oil alone can make your skin dry.
  • You can also add tea tree oil to your diffuser.
  • You can place the diffuser inside your home to drive away the flies.
  • Prepare a spray with vodka, water, and tea tree oil. Spray it near areas of garbage disposals and also near the dampened corners of your home.

Use Andiroba Oil
Andiroba oil is also very useful in repelling away insects and house flies. A study conducted in a farm proved that when five percent solution of andiroba oil was used on the animals in the farm, flies didn’t come near them for twenty-four hours and even more! Its efficiency was recorded as sixty percent. It was hundred percent efficient during the first six to eight hours. Later, the efficiency started reducing with time.

Use Catnip
Catnip can be planted in your yard or garden. It helps in repelling away insects like house flies. You can use catnip for driving away the flies inside your house too.

Use Aromatic Herbs
The properties of aromatic herbs work wonders in driving away the flies. It helps in repelling all types of insects including flies. Prepare sachets using aromatic herbs like thyme, camphor, rosemary, and mint. Now, place these sachets near the entrances and areas of fly infestation.

Use Apple Cider Vinegar
You can also make a spray with apple cider vinegar with a little of liquid dish washer in diluted form. Spray it over the fly-infested areas to get rid of the flies.

Why Use Electronic House Fly Repellent When You Can Easily Repel Flies Naturally?

There is no need to use harmful chemicals or be disturbed by the commercial house fly repellent sound when you have a variety of natural methods available. These natural methods work effectively in getting rid of the flies. Let us take a look at some of the easy to use natural methods:

Use Bay Leaves
The flies get repelled by the smell of bay leaves, be it fresh or dry. It helps in repelling other insects too.

  • You can leave the leaves as a whole in the areas of fly infestation. It will repel the flies
  • You can also grind the leaves into powder form. The smell becomes more intense and drives away flies much more easily.
  • You need dried or fresh bay leaves, mortar, and pestle for grinding.
  • Grind the leaves well until you get a fine powder.
  • Apply this powder in areas where the fly infestation is more. Sprinkle it near the drains, garbage bins, and also around your home.
  • Let the powder remain there for one week.
  • Replace when the strength of the odor reduces.

Use Green Apple Soap
Soap with green apple scent also can be used to repel flies.You can also make a spray with green apple soap and spray it over the places where flies frequent often.

Use Fresh Peels Of Orange
Orange peels work well against fly infestations. You can save the peels after eating oranges and use it to repel flies. Most of the commercially available insect repellents have citrus extracts as the main ingredient.

  • Leave orange peels near doorways, windows, entrances and other spots where flies visit often. It will prevent house flies from entering your home.
  • Always use fresh orange peels only. Replace the old ones with fresh peels regularly.
  • Keep rubbing the skin of the peels so that it releases the fragrance more.

Use Vodka
Flies detest vodka and its strong smell. Hence, repellents using vodka are commonly used to repel away the flies. Here is how you can make the repellent:

  • Take one cup vodka, one teaspoon eucalyptus lemon oil, two teaspoon juices of Aloe Vera and half teaspoon blend of essential oil.
  • Mix all the ingredients well.
  • Pour it into a bottle of spray.
  • Spray it in fly-infested areas or on the exposed parts of your skin to repel the flies.
  • Test the product for allergy on your skin first. Ensure that you are not allergic to it before applying it to your body.

Smoke Of Citronella
Citronella is often used to repel the house flies. Flies get repelled by smoke, and if the smoke is made by burning citronella, then it becomes doubly effective. Get a citronella candle from your nearby store and light it up inside your house. The smoke and odor of citronella will repel away the flies.

Use Malt Vinegar
House flies can be easily repelled away using malt vinegar also. When malt vinegar is boiled, it releases an intense odor that drives away the flies.

  • Take a thick bottomed pan and pour some malt vinegar into it.
  • Heat the pan and let the malt vinegar boil.
  • Turn off the flame and keep the pan in areas of fly infestation. The flies will start flying away from your place.

Temperature Control
Flies in general like the warm climate. But, they hate it when the temperature is too cold or too hot.

  • If the temperature goes above 100 degrees Fahrenheit (38 degree Celsius), the flies get repelled
  • If it is difficult for you to raise the temperature of the house, you can try cooling the rooms instead.
  • If the temperature is lowered below 48 Fahrenheit (9 degree Celsius), the flies won’t be able to fly around. They will stop coming around.

Use Onion
Onions are effective against certain species of flies only. The house flies detest the juice of onions.

Use Nail Polish
Get a bottle of nail polish and open it. The flies will fly to the ceiling of the house to get away from the odor. It helps you to easily target the flies and get rid of them.

Repel With Bees
House flies hate the presence of bees. Make use of a brown paper bag. Crumble it to make it look like a bee nest. It will repel away the flies.

Get A Black Towel
Anything black will repel the house flies. You can use a towel or a bin liner. When a fly comes near the window, flap the black substance loudly. The fly will hear the flapping sound and get repelled by the black towel or bin. The fly will think that it is some predator, a huge fly or bird.

Use Rosemary
Rosemary is not only good for grilling and cooking. It is a great household herb used for medicinal purposes. Another benefit is that it helps to keep the flies at bay. Plant rosemary near and around your home to repel the house flies. The air surrounding your house will also smell fresh.

Use Sweet Woodruff
Sweet woodruff is often used to repel away moths and beetles. It is also very effective against house flies. Lay the woodruff below your carpets. It repels both house flies and ants. It also gives out a sweet aroma keeping your house fresh when you walk over the carpets.

Use Tansy
Tansy is one of the less known herbs which can be used to repel ants, mice, moths, fleas and house flies. The flowers of tansy look like yellow Bachelor’s Buttons or Marigolds. Hence, it makes a great garden plant.

Use Aluminum Foil
Get a jar of water and float aluminum foil over it. Even restaurants use this trick to repel the flies off their premises.

Use Magnetic Screen Doors
Magnetic screen doors are easy to get installed, convenient and also affordable. It is the easiest way to keep your house free of mosquitos, flying insects, and flies. It is designed in such a way that it repels house flies at the same time allowing you to enjoy the fresh air outside.

Homemade Is The Easiest Solution!
The easiest way to repel house flies is to use homemade repellents. In case the flies become a continuous nuisance, and none of the repel methods seems to work, then you can seek the services of a professional expert. They will use pest management methods to get rid of flies in and around your home. Flies should never be left inside your home. They are carriers of harmful diseases and hence have to be treated as soon as possible. The safest and easiest method is the homemade solutions.

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