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Natural House Fly Control Explained In Detail!

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How To Control House Flies at Home?

House flies are pesky insects that can cause harmful diseases wherever they go. Though they live for only fourteen to twenty days, they can cause serious harm within that short period. It is estimated that a house fly lays about hundreds of eggs within this short lifetime. Hence, it implies that even a single housefly is capable of creating a large infestation in your household or areas around it. This throws light on the necessity of getting rid of the flies. Lesser house fly control can lead to dangerous diseases. Let us take a quick look at the various ways you can use to control the house flies naturally.

Cast Away With Camphor!
Camphor is derived from the Camphor Laurel tree wood. It is a white, dry and a waxy substance. Its strong aroma drives away insects and flies. It is traditionally used since ages for purifying the environment in India. It is well known for its antiviral insect repellent and anti-bacterial properties. You can even get it commercially in the form of tiny tablets.

  • Place On A Warm Surface
    Get the tablets from your nearest store and take two of them. Then place the tablets on a surface that is warm enough. You can make use of a heat diffuser or a device used to repel mosquitos. Even a heated-up metal plate will do if you have none of these. The camphor will start expelling a strong aroma once it is placed on the warm surface. This smell drives away the house flies.
  • Use Hot Water
    Take a shallow plate or bowl and pour hot water into it. Place two camphor tablets inside the bowl and keep it in a fly-infested place. The flies will get repelled easily.
  • A Word Of Caution
    If there is a pregnant woman in your home, then do not use camphor near her.

The Amazing Benefits Of Herbs
Herbs have amazing benefits and have been in use since ages as bug repellents, disinfectants and also for cleaning houses. They had found immense uses since thousands of years way before humans started relying on harmful chemicals. The herbs are not only one of the best house fly control home remedies, but they are also very beneficial for the environment in which we live. Even when they get discarded as a heap of compost, they continue adding nutrients and luring beneficial earthworms to the soil.

  • Plant Basil
    Though basil is very beneficial to humans, the flies get repelled by its strong fragrance. Get some pots and plant basil herbs in it. Keep the pots near your house’s doorways. The flies will keep away from your home. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of basil make your environment a healthy one too. Basil plants can often be seen in every house in India. Some worship the plant and consider it sacred. You can even get some dry leaves of basil and tie it up inside a muslin bag or cheesecloth. Hang it near entrances or windows. You can even place it near fly infested areas. It will repel away the flies.
  • Plant Bay Leaf
    You can plant Bay in your yard during the summer season. If you find it difficult to grow bay plant, try getting some dried bay leaves from a nearby store. Place it inside soups or stews to drive away the house flies.
  • Use Mint
    Plant herbs like catnip, pennyroyal, and mint around your home to keep away flies, mice, and ants. Pennyroyal is also found to be effective against mosquitos and fleas.
  • Plant Rosemary
    Rosemary is a household herb with great medicinal properties. It also helps in repelling away house flies and mosquitos.
  • Use Sweet Woodruff
    The scent of sweet woodruff has been used since a long time for repelling moths, carpet beetles, and house flies. Lay it under the woolen carpets. It also helps in keeping ants away. It also releases a sweet aroma when you walk over the carpet.
  • Plant Tansy
    Though it is less known than its counterparts, tansy is very effective in repelling away ants, mice, moths, fleas and house flies. The flowers of tansy resemble yellow Bachelor’s Buttons or marigolds. It can be used as a great foundation plant around your home. It was used in Churches during the Middle Ages in the form of a strewing herb.

Use Carnivorous Plants
If you are wondering how to control house flies outside your home, then carnivorous plants are one of the easiest ways to do it. Carnivorous plants are a great way to control insects. Plant Sundew or Venus Fly Trap in your garden. These plants look good and help in keeping the flies under control. If any insect flies near it, the plant will eat it up! It attacks, traps and eats house flies. Though it might not be the best way, it still is a good way to keep flies under control.

How To Control House Flies Easily Using Natural Methods? Read On For Answers!

House flies can be controlled easily using natural methods. There is no need to use chemicals with harmful constituents. Essential oils can work wonders in deterring house flies. Let us take a look:

Repel With Lavender Oil
Besides its great abilities to calm nerves and soothe troubled souls, lavender oil can also be used to repel insects. People used to make use of lavender oil to safeguard their clothes against insects like moths. Lavender oil is very effective in preventing mosquito bites and also other insect bites. It also can be used to repel house flies, black beetle, whitefly, greenfly and blackfly.

  • Homemade Lavender Repellent
    The ingredients required are half to one cup of lavender oil, a tin can with a tight-fitting lid and a dish sponge or cloth. Dip the sponge or cloth inside the cup of lavender oil. Place this sponge or cloth inside the tin can and secure it with lid. Leave it as such for twenty-four hours. After that, open the lid and keep it open in places with the fly infestation. Keep replenishing the oil after some time as the surrounding air will reduce the strength of aroma. Ensure that the oil doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin. The oil in undiluted form can be harmful to your skin.

Use Eucalyptus Oil
Eucalyptus oil is the best answer if you are wondering how to control house flies indoors. The strong odor of eucalyptus oil repels house flies effectively. The odor masks the carbon dioxide and lactic acid given out from a human’s body naturally. Make sure that you dilute it with water before applying it to your body.

  • First Method- Use Fly Strips Of Eucalyptus Oil
    Get some ribbons or strips of fabrics and soak it in eucalyptus oil. Now, hang these strips near your doors or windows. It will repel away the flies. A word of caution though- never use this method if you have epilepsy, high blood pressure or if you are pregnant.
  • Second Method- Use Eucalyptus Oil Lotion
    Take a bowl and mix eucalyptus oil and water in the ratio 1: 10. You can also use any other essential oil instead of eucalyptus oil. Take a drop of it and test on your skin to check whether you are allergic to it. Apply it over the exposed areas of your body to repel flies.

Use Cloves
Cloves can be used for house fly control effectively. The aroma of cloves might be pleasant for us, but the flies detest it. This common spice used for cooking food also helps in repelling away from the house flies. Here are some ways you can make use of cloves to deter house flies:

  • Use Lemon And Cloves
    The flies detest the smell of lime also. Hence, using a combination of lemon and clove will drive away the house flies easily and quickly. You will need about two lemons and twenty-five to fifty cloves. First, cut the lemon into two halves each. Poke six to twelve cloves inside each cut part of the lemons. You can poke the lemon using the pointed portion of the clove. The bud part will remain outwards. Now arrange these lemons with cloves poked in it on a plate. It will be a beautiful and aromatic centerpiece to keep in the midst of a dining table, especially while partying outside with friends. You can also wrap up the cloves inside a muslin bag or a cheesecloth and hang it in areas infested by flies.
  • Use Skin Solution Of Clove Oil
    Clove oil can be used as a skin solution to drive away the flies. You can use any diluting substance to use it as a skin solution. It ensures that you won’t be troubled by flies until they are fully removed from your place.
  • How To Make The Skin Lotion?
    You will need one teaspoon of clove oil, ten teaspoons of witch hazel or olive oil, and a small bottle to pour in and store it. Take the bottle and pour clove oil into it. Add olive oil or witch hazel also into it. The ratio of the diluting agent and clove oil should always be 10:1. Shake the bottle well. Now, apply the lotion over all the exposed parts of your body to repel flies.

Here Are Some More Methods Of Controlling House Flies Effectively!

House flies can be controlled effectively using the following methods:

Make Use Of Fly Paper Strips
You can easily get flypapers used to kill insects in your nearby stores. These fly ribbons are papers coated with sticky, fragrant and toxicant substance. It traps insects like flies and kills them easily. But, here the downside is that these poisonous coating on the papers is toxic to humans and animals also. Instead, you can easily make flypaper strips at home. It works as good as the commercially available options.

  • You will need half cup corn syrup, one-fourth cup of sugar, scissors, thread, brown paper, paper or thin cards.
  • Cut the paper or cards into strips of two-inch width. Make one or two holes on the top portion of the strips. Insert the thread through the holes and make a loop. You can hang it easily near the places where fly infestation is more.
  • Mix up the sugar and corn syrup.
  • Now coat one side of the strips with the sugar-corn syrup mix. In case the syrup starts dripping from it, place a vessel under it.
  • Hang the strips in fly infested areas. The flies will be lured by the sugar syrup and get stuck on the strips.

Use Lemongrass Spray
Lemongrass works wonders in repelling the flies and also help in keeping your house aromatic and fresh. Flies detest the smell of lemongrass just like they get repelled by lavender, cloves or lemon. Get some lemongrass oil make a spray that can be used as both a room refresher and a fly repellent.

  • You will need ten to twelve drops of lemongrass essential oil and four tablespoons of hot water. You will also need a spray bottle to pour the contents.
  • Pour the lemongrass oil into the spray bottle.
  • Add hot water to it.
  • Shake the bottle well to mix the ingredients well.
  • Start spraying it near your doorways, windows and other areas where flies infest often.
  • You can even spray this directly on the flies if you spot them.

Food Stuff That Repels House Flies
Many foods stuff help in repelling house flies. Let us take a look:

Use Cucumbers
You can place slices of cucumbers over the top cover of garbage bins to drive away the flies. The flies won’t lay eggs in the bin if you place cucumber. You can also try placing slices of fresh cucumber near your house to repel the flies.

Use Cayenne Pepper
Put cayenne pepper inside a spray bottle and pour some water into it. Mix it well by shaking the bottle. Now you can spray this mix in fly-infested areas of your house. The flies will get killedØ easily.

Use Cinnamon
Cinnamon can be used as an air-refresher. The flies will get repelled as it detesØ ts the aroma of cinnamon.

Use Onions
House fØ lies get repelled by the juices of onions.

Use Fresh Peels Of Orange
The peels of citrus fruits repel away the house flies. Place the peels in a muslin tea bag or a small piece of cloth. Now, place this bag in areas of fly infestation. Rub the bag every now and then so that the fresh aroma gets released. It repels away the flies easily.

Natural Is The Best!
All the above natural methods work wonders in keeping the house flies at bay. There is no need to use harmful chemicals or poisonous insecticides to get rid of the house flies. It can be easily done using the normal things available at your home itself. Moreover, it does not cause any harm to humans or animals.

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