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Discover The Natural Ways To Repel Ants Easily And Quickly!

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Natural Ant Repellent For Home To The Rescue!

Why resort to harmful chemicals and toxic methods to repel ants when you can rely on natural and safe practices? Yes! The article gives you an insight into the non-toxic and natural ways by which you can repel away the ants in your home and neighborhood! It is time to say goodbye to the allergy-causing sprays and insecticides! Embrace the natural ways and tread the path of nature to get rid of the trails and mounds in and outside your home. Ants can often be seen entering your house or yards to get water, shelter, and food especially during rainy seasons or warm climates. The sizes and numbers can vary. But the damages they cause can almost be the same every time!

The Need For Natural Repellents!
So, why do we need to repel away these ants? The ants which invade your home can spoil your food, cause damages to your precious properties and can even bite hard causing stinging pains. These teeny-weeny creatures can also damage your plants. Hence, these tiny pests can be a real pain in the neck and getting rid of it can be frustrating. The first option in getting rid of any pest would be pesticides or insecticides. But these contain harmful chemicals, toxic substances and organic compounds that are semi-volatile. Hence, these can be harmful to both environments and humans. It can also harm your pets or even small unsuspecting kids. Thus, the need for natural repellents arise.

The Natural Ant Repellents
Here are some of the natural ways to repel ants without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides that can ruin the environment.

  • Cast Them Away With Cayenne Pepper
    Cayenne pepper works wonders in repelling ants away. Cayenne pepper’s strong smell can make the ants lose their trail and destroy the chemical signals the ants make use of for their navigation towards food, new places and to their nest. Thus, they lose their way without getting the signal and hence, will not be able to survive. This urges them to look for new places to go away from the cayenne pepper strong aroma. Thus, the ants get repelled away.
  • Make Use Of Chili Powder
    If you have ant mounds in your garden or yard, get some chili powder and sprinkle it generously on top of the hill. You can also sprinkle it slightly near the trails of ants. The burning sensation of chili powder will repel them away.
  • Repel Them With Cinnamon
    Cinnamon is often found in our kitchens and is very useful in repelling away the ants. The smell of cinnamon repels the ants and discourages them from even stepping inside your home or kitchen. Try sprinkling grounded cinnamon or cloves near to the house entrances. It helps in repelling away the ants from your home.
  • Use Coffee Grounds
    Keep collecting the used grounds of coffee and try putting them over the ant mounds in your garden or backyard. The ants detest the strong aroma of coffee and will be repelled away in no time.
  • The Age-Old Trick- Cucumbers!
    This one is a trick used since ages. Ants get easily repelled by cucumber as they can’t stand the taste of cucumbers. If you could get bitter cucumber peels, then the task will be even easier. The normal cucumber peels also work fine.
  • Get Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth
    You can also make use of food-grade diatomaceous earth to repel away the ants. If you are wondering how to repel fire ants naturally, then the answer is DE! Sprinkle some DE in thin layers near your windows, under the cabinets, under the fridge, inside and around the garbage bins and all other places where you observe trails or nests of ants. Keep repeating once every day till the ants disappear entirely from your area.
  • Use Lemon
    Lemon is another natural substance that can help to drive away the ants. Your home and kitchens can be made ant-proof using lemon. The aroma of lemon repels away the ants and the acidic properties of lemon help in masking the scent of ant trails. Get some slices of lemon peels and scatter it near the entrances to your home. Keep repeating until no trace of ants is left inside your home.
  • Use Peppermint
    Peppermint helps in keeping the ants at bay be it inside your home or outside in the garden. In case you are pondering how to repel sugar ants naturally, try peppermint! You will get the desired results! Ants detest the strong odor of peppermint, and it also prevents the ants from detecting other odors like the smell of food, the smell of ant trails, etc.
  • Use Powdered Charcoal
    Make use of powdered charcoal to create barriers around your home by drawing with it. Ants detest the powder and will keep away from it.
  • Make Use Of Pepper/Salt
    Get some salt and spread it in the corners of your rooms or directly sprinkle it over the ant mounds. The ants get repelled away. You can also mix up salt with hot water and then use a spray bottle to spray over areas of ant infestation. Pepper can also be used to repel ants. The way of usage is the same as that of salt.

Learn How To Repel Ants From Potted Plants Using Vegetable Products Or Plants!

When nature itself offers us plenty of repellents in the form of plants and other vegetable products, there is no need to look elsewhere to find ways to repel ants. Your backyard garden can by itself ,provide the solution!

Use Bay Leaves
Get some bay leaves from your garden and strew it around the areas where you wish to repel the ants away from.

Use Catnip Leaves
The leaves of catnip plants also help in repelling away the ants.

Cloves Of Garlic
Ants detest the smell of garlic. Use fresh cloves of garlic near ant infested spots to drive them away.

Get a bag of flour and put some rosemary sprigs in it. The ants will detest the smell of rosemary and will stay away from the bag.

Plant pennyroyal in your garden and when it blooms in the spring season, get a sprig and bring it inside your home. The aroma of pennyroyal will keep the ants out of your home throughout the summer season. Ensure that you place it at the spots where your pets can’t reach them. It can be harmful if eaten by small kids or pets.

Tansy Plant
Plant tansy near your house entrances and also near the areas where ants are often found entering your home. Tansy helps in repelling the ants away from your home.

Plant Wormwood
Plant wormwood in your garden and get the dried leaves of the plant inside your home. Place the leaves in areas of ant infestation. If you are wondering how to repel carpenter ants naturally, then get some wormwood leaves. It does the trick!

Essential Natural Oils- One Of The Best Natural Ant Repellent!

Essential oils are also one of the easiest ways to repel ants naturally. Ants use their smell to navigate, detect their food and also to follow their trails. If some outside sources block the scent, like the essential oils; then the ants get confused and will not be able to send smells as trail messages for the rest of the ants in the ant mound. Essential oils help in breaking the chain and leaving the ants confused. Thus, they get repelled away from the source.

Use Cedar Oil
Apply cedar oil over surfaces to repel the ants away.

Get Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil
Get an empty spray bottle and fill it with Ceylon cinnamon leaf oil. Spray it over surfaces to repel ants as they get confused by the smell of oil masking their trails. The ants will ignore the food substances and move away from the odor.

Get Clove Essential Oil
Clove oil not only helps in repelling away from the ants but also kills the ants which come in contact with it. Eugenol, a unique compound present inside clove essential oil, is also a natural insecticide that has fast-acting properties. It helps in getting rid of various pests including ants.

Essential Oil Of Orange Or Lemon
The essential oils of citrus plants like orange or lemon contain d-limonene. This substance is toxic for ants. It also helps in masking the ant trail scents.

Get Neem Oil
Neem oil is beneficial in repelling ants as it is a systemic pesticide.

Peppermint Essential Oil
Get a ball of cotton and add a few drops of peppermint essential oil to it. Use it to wipe on areas of ant infestations.

Preventive Measures To Be Taken
You can prevent ants by merely taking some precautionary measures. These are the easiest and natural ways to get rid of ants without much fuss:

  • Place sugary items like honey jars inside a bowl of water.
  • Ensure that you always keep your countertops, cabinets, and floors clean and tidy. Even small titbits of food scraps on your floors can attract ants.
  • Tightly seal all the food containers.
  • Clean up all spillages as soon as possible, especially spills of juices and sugary fluids.
  • Clean window sills often and the furnitures too on a regular basis.
  • Remember not to leave dirty dishes in your sink.
  • Never let moisture accumulate over surfaces or kitchen tops.
  • Seal up the garbage cans tightly.
  • All the holes of entrances on your walls might have to seal tightly using silicone caulk. You can also use glue, plaster or putty to seal the holes. Use poster tack or petroleum jelly as a temporary method to block ant’s entry.

Keep Away From Harm! Repel By Natural Ways!
It is always better to avoid harming any creature, be it an ant or insect. Hence, if the ants are pestering you, it is better to resort to natural ways so that you can repel the ants away and at the same time need not kill them. It helps in balancing the ecosystem and giving each creature the right to live their lives on this planet like each one of us.

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