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Dealing with Honey Bees In Your Establishment

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It can be an unnerving sight to watch honey bees swarming near your house, in the garden or a nearby tree. It is important to understand them a bit to evaluate whether they will become potential threats in the future.

Honey bees swarm when they find the need to reproduce their colony. The old queen along with some worker bees leave their old colony to find a new home and swarm together until they find an ideal location. Swarming bees are generally harmless though they may look threatening.

A swarm cluster is something that we need to worry about. This is a cluster of bees that are sitting together after they are done with swarming. They can either be resting to start all over again or would have made up their mind on the location of their next colony. It is here that you need to watch out whether the location is rested inside your house or establishment.

You need to check out signs – if you notice that the cluster size is shrinking but the bees are still thereabout, then you need to be alarmed. It usually means that they are making their way one by one inside your establishment to form their colony.

If you are able to identify the area that they are planning to build their colony, then lock them in with the help of steel, wood, wool, screens, etc., which they cannot chew and escape. Trapped bees breathe their last within a week or two. If you are unable to do find their location, the best thing is to call the exterminator or pest management service, which can skillfully shift them out of your establishment.

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