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Going natural is the way in pest control. Protect your garden and orchards with natural pest control products. Gardening is turning out to be the most relaxed and rewarding hobby. Learn how to enjoy the rewards with local trees. Pest control varies from region to region based on the soil and vegetation type. The information on pest control is specific; a pest affecting a peach tree may vary from those affecting an apple tree. Climatic conditions also play a vital role in pest control. Until you are double sure, never use the pest control product.

Trust local nurseries

Nurseries may try to sell these products. Before investing in these products conduct a thorough research on the internet. Not all the information on the internet is authentic. Some may be promotional and hence may not be accurate. Nurseries may provide all the information on how to protect a fruit tree from diseases. The local nurseries will be aware of the problems encounter in the locality, and they provide reliable solutions that are certified. Contact your local Cooperative Extension services for trusted information.

Prevention is better than cure

Choosing the right trees for your area is vital if you want to succeed in developing rich produces. By selecting different trees, you may land up in more problems. Natural pest control varies from location to location. An orchard plan is important while planting a tree. The size of the tree and the spread of the canopy also have to be considered. Apart from these moisture requirements and nutrients also play a role. Another fact to remember is that slow growing trees are always healthier and last longer.

Removing rodent and pests breeding sites can turn out to be an effective control measure. Manage garbage and make it less attractive to pests. Eliminate moisture around the house. The composite pile can attract rodents and have to be managed effectively. Food has to be sealed securely. Clean and mob the kitchen floor regularly to prevent pest infestation. Leaking faucets and stagnant water can become a breeding ground for insects. Seal crack and spaces that can be the entryway for pests. Always cultivate healthy and robust plants. Organic soil with natural manure can promote healthy trees.

Tips to choose the right tree for your orchard


While choosing a tree for your orchard consider the follow elements. These elements include pollinators, chill hours, roots suited for your location and the disease resistant varies. Chill hours are the time taken for the plan to blossom into a fruit bearing time. Generally, a tree may need 200 chill hours up north and 1,000 chill hours’ results in frost damage hindering blossoms. While bringing a tree do not start with just one tree. Bring pollinators to pollinate all the trees. There are no specific pollinators for specific trees. A Crabtree can pollinate apple trees. Self-fertile varieties can enhance their produces with pollinators.

Planting tips

Never plant a tree deeply. The distance should be from the root ball to trunk flare. The roots may be suffocated if the plant is set too deep. If it is too deep root borne pathogens can damage the roots. The bottom hole should never be stuffed with rocks. It holds too much of water leaving the roots soggy. Organic material can be covered with three to four inches. It can save water and keep the roots cooler. The nutrients in the soil are preserved through bioactivity. Earthworm and other beneficial insects can naturally manure the soil.

The branches have to be pruned reducing limb failure. Moreover, pruning can promote flowering and fruiting. Diseased branches can be removed at any time. Use sharp tools to remove diseased branches before the infection spreads to other branches.

Governments are banning the use of a toxic pesticide for residential use but still they are available in the market. Homeowners are forced to consider non-organic chemical solutions to get rid of the insects and pests in their garden as they turn into a nuisance and damage food and property. Natural insecticides also could be detrimental in nature. For instance, Pyrethrum is derived from chrysanthemum; though it targets thugs it can also kill beneficial insects. Moreover, pyrethrum is dangerous on fish and other aquatic life. Therefore never run it off near a storm drain, it can harm aquatic life. Sometimes children are affected by organic pesticides too.

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Longview Pest Control Inspectors Work to Relocate Bats found in School Tue, 11 Jun 2013 10:22:50 +0000 The Kilgore College of Cosmetology resumed after the holidays only to find two bats that had made the attic of the building as their home. The bats were first found flying harmlessly around the building but off-late it has been obvious that they have found a new location for their nest in the attic. Steps are being taken to relocate the bats. Pest control inspectors are working full swing to ensure that these creatures fly away on their own accord.

The first of those steps are to light up the attic so that the bats do not find it comfortable to live there. As a control measure all holes, cracks and crevices are being closed by the pest control experts to ensure that they do not find a resting place in any one of these. For now importance has been given in educating the students about bats and their behavioral patterns. Most of them are positive that tells them about these fascinating creatures that can be helpful when around.

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Vanity of Roaches Can Well Spell Doom for its Species Tue, 11 Jun 2013 10:22:24 +0000

Researchers at the North Carolina State University have found out that roaches spend most of their time on grooming and this nature can well spell doom for its very existence sooner or later. Truly though, that will never be an easy feat as we all know that they are tough to kill and can survive through harmful radiation and natural disasters. The roaches are found constantly cleaning their antennas that keeps their senses fresh. This find can invariably lead to the development of pest control that instigates this behavior and thereby ensures their doom.

The niche that the scientists are working on is the antenna which is the primary sensory organ for the roaches. By developing an insecticide that can reduce the antenna grooming can obviously lead to the impairment of its primary function. The roaches groom by running the antenna in its mouth. Insecticides can be developed in the form of dust or mist that can be fast acting on the roaches.

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Scientists Believe that Wild Insects Are Better Crop Pollinators than Bees Tue, 11 Jun 2013 10:21:58 +0000 An international study in recent times in New Zealand has come out with a fascinating fact that wild insects help in becoming able crop pollinators than bees. For centuries we have believed that bees are the major contributors for pollination. This study has revealed that nature has other natural pollinators who are faster than the bees. This has brought to light the fact, that there is no need for us to depend on the honey bee as the single major pollinator who runs the risk of attack from pests and is susceptible to diseases such as varroa mite.

With the study being made in relevance to the situation in New Zealand, it has been found that the house fly is a good pollinator. Also that other insects account for more than half of the pollination for arable crops such as carrots and onions. Scientists believe that if they understand the mannerisms of these insects better, they can be manipulated to be used as natural pollinators.

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Feasible Smart Solution For Ants Announced by BASF Mon, 10 Jun 2013 07:25:21 +0000 Ants have been the major reasons for people hiring pest control services. In this note, BASF has come out with an array of products that can be used to evade the most prominent pests in our homes. These selected product ranges help to fight against ants without burning a hole in your pocket. The inside out treatment package comprises of a list of products that needs to be used in layers. The theory of treatment on the structure, off the structure and inside the structure ensures that there is a high mortality rate.

The ‘on structure treatment’ works on the transfer effect where in the ants that pass by the treatment area, get infected and pass on the infection to others in the colony resulting in high mortality. The ‘off structure treatment’ is to ensure that trees, plantings, soil, grounds, etc., in the near vicinity of the existing colony is treated to ensure that no other new colony is built in the surrounding areas.

basfThe ‘inside structure treatment’ helps to keep out other ant species as well. This is basically recommended to complement the other two treatments to ensure there is no lock-in or budding infestations. Special products that are safe to use indoors are recommended by BASF as it has to be effective without having any health implications on the residents of the house.

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Sweet Baits May Not Work for Roaches Any More Wed, 01 May 2013 10:18:18 +0000 For years together, humans have used sweets mixed with poison to kill roaches and have been successful in doing so. We can rejoice no more, as roaches seem to have evolved and sense potential dangerous substances in sugar and sugar products and have began to avoid them. The wide spread use of commercial sweet traps can no more be useful to eradicate roaches as observed by scientists. They have evolved and had inherited genetic knowledge that has creates an automatic aversion to glucose.

In a lab experiment conducted on German roaches, the glucose adverse generation, with the help of their taste hairs first consumed a small sample of the food. Food that did not contain glucose was consumed after the first bite. Foods that contain glucose were neglected. They acted as if they got an electric shock which was visible for the scientists to see. Their evolution is such that foods that contain glucose taste bitter than sweet. This accounts for their change in preference.

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Chase County Witnesses Entry of Unique Ant Variety Tue, 30 Apr 2013 10:16:26 +0000 The bug experts at Nebraska are baffled by the unique type of ant like insect that has entered Chase County. There were reports received by the Extension office that different dirt mounds between Imperial and Champion were spotted along the tree lines. The ants in action were captured and on observation it was found that they were western thatching ants which are new to this part of the world. On first impression the bug experts felt that they could be fire ants. But on close inspection it was found that they belonged to the thatching ant variety.

Thatching ants are less aggressive than the fire ants and does not swarm like the latter variety. They can bite, but only on provocation otherwise they are not threatening. These ants are usually found in the western parts of Michigan and Indiana and have not known to be in these parts. Bug experts believe that this sighting has created a thought that these ants can be more widely distributed than anticipated.

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Lady Bugs Deployed To Clean Up Campus of Lawn Pests Tue, 30 Apr 2013 10:16:24 +0000 Tom Heisinger, the manager of the campus grounds in the UnionCollege gave a thrilling sight to the onlookers and campus residents by unleashing lady bugs on a weekday afternoon in the open grounds. The scene resembled that of a horror movie as Tom unleashed the insects out into the open and some of them even crawling all over him in the process.

The reason for this act was simple. He stated that he did so to help clean up the campus grounds that were infested with pests. Lady bugs are the man’s friend when it comes to pest insect eradication. They feed on the pests creating a healthy lawn. They are one of the quickest cleaners of lawns that you can find. The aphids create major damage to trees and plants by sucking the sap out of them. You leash lady bugs and within matter of days all the aphids disappear. No need for pesticides when you have these ladies on hand!

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Traditional Balkan Bed Bug Remedy For Effective Bed Bug Control Thu, 25 Apr 2013 10:16:28 +0000 The Kidney bean leaves have been known to be effective against the bed bugs as the microscopic hairs found in them can trap and stab these bugs without a fuss. Scientists are now keen on developing bed bug repellents that resemble these leaves. Bed bugs have made a distinct come back to the United States in the recent years and are found in abundance in public places like theatres, colleges, hostels, malls, hospitals, etc. They are transmitters of diseases and hence it is best to eradicate them once sighted.

The centuries old traditional remedy for bed bugs had motivated entomologists to replicate the microscopic hairs found in the bean leaves. The research is to duplicate these hairs by introducing micro fabricated materials on synthetic surfaces that help to trap the bed bugs similar to those of the bean leaves. This makes a safer and environmental friendly alternative that can be effective on these blood sucking parasites that are capable of hitch hiking, breeding and hiding at almost any place without being sighted.

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Department of Conservation New Zealand Appeals to Keep Pests Off Sat, 26 Jan 2013 10:23:23 +0000 The Department of Conservation in New Zealand has made a courteous appeal to all residents and tourists who flock the Kapiti Coast and Wellington Harbor during the summer months to keep them free from pests. The common way that pests enter these tourist locales is by stowing away on boats without the knowledge of the tourists. Rodents have been the major pest invasion in the area and hence there is an appeal made to the public to have their boats and steamers checked before they start out into the waters.

For bigger vessels, recommendations are made to install rodent traps and bait stations in locations that are prone to rodent infestation. Also a request has been made to the tourists and public to check their bags, shoes, clothing, etc., before going ashore for insects and sea weeds that can cause infestation. Protected islands do not allow pets for this purpose, and the authorities have reached out to the public to cooperate.

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