Termites Pest Control – Pest Control Plus https://www.pestcontrolplus.biz Pest Control Plus helps with control methods and in identifying right Products and Local pest control companies. Wed, 25 Jul 2018 23:57:57 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Techniques Used to Detect Dry-wood Termite Infestation https://www.pestcontrolplus.biz/97/detecting-dry-wood-termite-infestation https://www.pestcontrolplus.biz/97/detecting-dry-wood-termite-infestation#respond Tue, 11 Jun 2013 08:22:55 +0000 http://www.pestcontrolplus.biz/?p=97 The dry wood termite is seen as a potential threat that has the ability to destroy whole trees and wooden structures. It is hard to detect them as they are hardly seen. They love deep inside the wood and do not move about in huge numbers, therefore detecting them and eradicating them needs expert hands. Mostly they are identified when there are repair works being done in infested homes. Their fecal pellets can give them away and their presence can be usually detected after a detailed search is conducted in the establishment.

It may be necessary to remove false ceiling, walls, wooden structure, etc., in the house to detect them. During visual inspection by Termite control services and health inspectors, they look for shed wings, damage to wood, fecal pellets, small holes, etc. The tiny holes are used by them as kick out holes to push out their fecal pellets from the wood. The fecal pellets are hexagonal in shape and can be easily identified if they are near to these small holes in the wood.

You can check for active infestation by clearing out the fecal pellets when you find them. If you find more of them in the area after a few days, then you are can be sure of active infestation. If you find an active infestation, it requires immediate treatment and you would be wise to call a renowned pest control service in the area that can do the job for you. Don’t be surprised if you find that they have caused more damage than you had imagined.

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