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Yellow Jacket Wasp Life Cycles & Habits

Yellow Jacket Wasp Life Cycle

 Yellow Jacket’s Life Span begins in the annual colonies where inseminated young queens wait through the winter in protected locations in stumps, logs, under barks, inside stacked up firewood, etc. Some yellow jacket queens take refuge in attics of homes and …

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Bald Faced Hornets Sting, Treatment and Cure

The Dolichovespula maculata popularly known as the bald faced hornet comes from the same family as that of the yellow jackets. The significant white and black color differentiates it from its yellow brothers. Though popularly known as the hornet, this …

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Bald Faced Hornet Nest Removal Techniques

net removal

Bald faced hornets belong to the family of wasps and though not aggressive can be threatening when they nest near high human activity areas. It is recommended to remove their nest in that case as they feel threatened when there …

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Bald Faced Hornets – Facts, Nest and Life Cycle

The Bald faced hornet belongs to the genus of the yellow jackets and is prominently found in North America and is commonly sighted in South Eastern parts of the United States and the Western coast of Canada. It can be …

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Vespa Velutina Asian Hornet – A Synopsis

Vespa Velutina is one of the most common species among the Asian hornets. A interesting information about Vespa Velutina is that is a native of South East Asia. It is slightly smaller in size when compared to its European counterparts, and its …

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Asian Giant Killer Hornet – A Relentless Dare Devil

Asian Giant Hornet aka Vespa Mandarinia

Asian Giant Hornets are the larger breed of wasps that are eusocial in nature much similar to bees, ants and termites. Their hierarchy is based on their ability to reproduce and hence is divided as the reproductive queens and sterile …

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