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What it takes to be in a Pest Control Job?

ABC Pest Control’s Mark Govan talks about what the pest control job industry has to offer. Stressing the point that Pest control is not just about running behind pests he explains about bigger the part of pest control in food …

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Pest control in Gardens – Video by Expert Village

Scott the presenter finds out that some of his plants in the garden have been unhealthy. Closer investigations reveal an attack on the roots. He talks about natural processes that adds calcium and stalls the growth and development of slugs …

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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? Video from Howcast

Bed Bug Images

Brief Description of the Video:Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? Jeff White a research entomologist talks about places where you can find bed bugs. Obviously it is the bed, but there are specific locations like the crevices and other portions where …

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Japanese Giant Hornet Queen

Japanese Giant Hornet Queen face

This Video shows more about Asian Giant Killer Hornet. Watch the full Video, you will like it.

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Sweet Baits May Not Work for Roaches Any More

For years together, humans have used sweets mixed with poison to kill roaches and have been successful in doing so. We can rejoice no more, as roaches seem to have evolved and sense potential dangerous substances in sugar and sugar …

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Chase County Witnesses Entry of Unique Ant Variety

The bug experts at Nebraska are baffled by the unique type of ant like insect that has entered Chase County. There were reports received by the Extension office that different dirt mounds between Imperial and Champion were spotted along the …

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Lady Bugs Deployed To Clean Up Campus of Lawn Pests

Tom Heisinger, the manager of the campus grounds in the UnionCollege gave a thrilling sight to the onlookers and campus residents by unleashing lady bugs on a weekday afternoon in the open grounds. The scene resembled that of a horror …

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Traditional Balkan Bed Bug Remedy For Effective Bed Bug Control

The Kidney bean leaves have been known to be effective against the bed bugs as the microscopic hairs found in them can trap and stab these bugs without a fuss. Scientists are now keen on developing bed bug repellents that …

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Chagas Disease Carrier Bugs Feeding on Humans in US

A recent study has revealed that bugs of the same family as those of the Chagas Disease carrying varieties are happy feeding on human blood in the United States. The only mystery for the scientists in the country is that …

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Department of Conservation New Zealand Appeals to Keep Pests Off

The Department of Conservation in New Zealand has made a courteous appeal to all residents and tourists who flock the Kapiti Coast and Wellington Harbor during the summer months to keep them free from pests. The common way that pests …

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