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Guiding Light On How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets Naturally

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How to Kill Yellow Jackets But Not Bees

Most of us detest the presence of pests in our home or garden. They often cause damage to crops and in some cases, can sting you hard, causing severe pain and allergies. The yellow jacket is one such pest which can turn aggressive if you disturb its nest. Yellow jackets often get lured to places where humans live as they get thrown away food particles, sweets, and meat near such places.

How Is A Yellow Jacket Different From Bees?
Yellow jackets are not at like the usual bees we often see in the neighborhood. They might look like bees from a distance, but they have distinct differences if you closely observe it. The stingers of yellow jackets are very smooth so that they can attack and sting opponents repeatedly. A single sting cannot be dangerous. But, if the person is allergic to the venom injected through the sting, then it can be dangerous.

Some Natural Ways To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets
If you are on the lookout for some natural ways to get rid of yellow jackets, then you have landed at the right place! Check out some of the natural repellents of yellow jacket:

  • Soapy Water And Mint Oil
    The unique mix of mint oil and soapy water is very effective against all types of insects. Mint oil is a natural yellow jacket killer. Mix mint oil and soapy water in 50:50 proportion. Always wait till the sun goes down and the darkness creeps in. By night time all the yellow jackets would have returned to their nest and will be drowsy and inactive. Make use of that time and pour a quarter portion of the mixed solution through the entrance hole of the nest. You can make use of extension devices like a gas can, watering can or hose so that your body is a bit far away from the entrance of the nest. Always wear a protective dress while doing this. After pouring the mix, pour boiling water into the nest. The hot water further washes down the mint oil into the nest and kills the yellow jackets.
  • Aromatic Citronella Oil
    The citronella oil is a yellow jacket natural repellent. It is very effective in repelling the insects away with its special aroma. It can also be used to repel yellow jackets. You can buy citronella in the form of a candle. It contains citronella extracts derived from a plant. When you light the candle, the citronella aroma fills the air and drives away all the insects. You can also plant wormwood trees to repel away yellow jackets. It is said to be very effective in repelling the wasp.
  • Use Traps
    You can always make use of traps to kill yellow jackets. It is a natural way to kill yellow jackets without the usage of any toxic materials. You have to make sure that you buy a non-toxic trap to catch the insect. These traps use techniques like drowning, asphyxiation, exhaustion or starving methods to kill the yellow jackets instead of using toxic substances.

How the trap is made:
The trap is usually made using soda bottles. The top portion is cut and is then pointed downwards into the body of the bottle. This creates a funnel turning inside the bottle in the downward direction. Now place any bait like meat, sugary fluids or meat in the bottom portion of the bottle. The yellow jackets fly down into the bottle through the funnel. Once they are inside, they won’t be able to get out and thus gets trapped within the bottle. It is better to place the yellow jacket trap 2-4 feet above the level of the ground. Also, ensure that the trap is far away from human dwellings.

  • Mix Up Water And Soap
    Though a bit old fashioned, water and soap mix is still one of the best natural ways to get rid of yellow jackets. Make the mix and spray it on the nest and the Wasp. The soap causes their wings to stick to each other. Thus, they fall, unable to fly. Gradually, they will die by suffocation. You could try lining up the windows and doors using soap. It repels away the yellow jackets and prevents them from entering your home. In case the yellow jacket has nested underground, then it is better to wait until night time and then spray the soapy water mix into the nest. Ensure that the whole colony dies in the soapy water. Always wear protective clothing before you start the spraying process.

Take A Quick Look At The Natural Yellow Jacket Killer Recipe!

Here are the recipes for disaster of the yellow jackets! Read on to know more:

Natural Insecticide For Yellow Jackets
The easiest way to get rid of yellow jackets is to use natural insecticides. Most of the insecticides available in the market today are made of harsh and dangerous chemicals. Hence, always ask for eco-friendly and non-toxic insecticide for your use. Remember to use protective clothing and cover up your face while you go near the nest to spray on it. You can try using the spray during late evenings or early mornings when the yellow jackets are less active. Don’t go too close to the nest. Maintain a distance of a minimum ten feet away from the nest. Repeat the spraying of insecticide every week until you are sure that all the yellow jackets have gone away from the nest.

Use Vacuum
Vacuum is one of the easiest ways to kill yellow jackets naturally. You can use a canister vacuum cleaner as it also has a large bag to capture the yellow jackets in it. You can even use soap solution and water inside the canister before you start the evacuation process. Remember to wear protective clothing like a long sleeved shirt, gloves, and long pants. Always start with a new filter and a new bag. You can even use a plastic bottle or some trap system inside the bag to catch the insects. Place the end portion of the vacuum near the opening of the nest and switch on the vacuum. The insects inside the nest and also those coming from outside to the nest, all will be captured easily with the vacuum. Keep vacuuming continuously during the day or maybe continue doing it the next day also if the nest below is a large colony.Leave the closely secured bag out in the open for some days so that the wasps inside it will die a slow, natural death.

Make Use Of Glass Bowls
If you are wondering how to get rid of yellow jackets in ground naturally, then glass bowls are your answer! It is very effective and yet simple to do. First, you have to explore and find out all the openings to the nest. If you find many openings, then leave out one exit and seal up other holes. Then you can place a glass bowl place it upside down on the exit. Place it securely and ensure that you leave no gaps for the yellow jackets to crawl and escape. There is no need to seal all the exits. If the yellow jackets realize that someone has trapped them, then they will find another way and burrow a new escape route. In this case, the yellow jackets won’t understand that they are trapped. They will keep trying to come out of the entrance and fly around in their nest. Slowly they get killed within some days.

Get Some Dry Ice!
It might seem odd, but dry ice also can be used to get rid of yellow jackets naturally. This technique only works if the yellow jacket nests are in the ground. After finding the nest, block out all the secondary exits using board or stones. Now take the dry ice and place it in front of the main hole. Then cover the ice and hole with sand and dirt. When the ice starts to evaporate, it makes the nest cooler and also releases carbon dioxide into the nest. The yellow jackets will try to get active and release oxygen, finally depleting the oxygen content inside the nest. Slowly, they will get suffocated and die.

The Trap On Tree
The easiest and quickest way to trap yellow jackets is to hang a piece of fish, rotten fruit or meat from the branch of a tree. Now place a bucket of water below the trap. The yellow jackets get lured at the sight of food and start feeding on it. They get lost in their urge to eat and fall in the bucket of water.

Use Wooden Plank
You can also use a wooden plank to catch it. Smear on the wooden plank’s one side with jelly, jam or cat food. Now take a flat and large baking plate filled with water and soap mix. Now you can place the wood plank over the baking plate ensuring that the lure is facing downwards. There should be maximum one inch between the lure surface and soapy mix. The yellow jackets fall directly into the water or will fall into the water when they try to leave. This method is very effective in catching many yellow jackets within a few hours.

Use Boiling Water!
Sometime people might try to drown yellow jackets by simply pouring water into the nest. But this trick won’t work as the yellow jackets start flying again after the water gets drained. An alternative here is to make use of boiling water instead. After finding the nest, boil some water and pour the hot water into the nest! It is a simple method, but very effective! You can also add some natural insecticide in the water. This will ensure that all the yellow jackets get killed.

Make Use Of Yellow Jacket Removal Natural Methods And Get Rid Of The Wasp!

Natural methods are always the better option than using toxic and harmful chemicals. Here are some other natural ways to repel and kill yellow jackets:

Use Boric Acid
Boric acid is non-toxic to humans but very toxic to yellow jackets. It can be easily bought from any hardware shop or pharmacy. After locating the nest, apply boric acid in all over the entrance to ensure that when a yellow jacket tries to enter the nest, its body will be covered with boric acid. It thus takes the boric acid into the nest and kills all other insects.

Natural Insecticide- Diatomaceous Earth
This is also a natural insecticide that can work wonders in getting rid of yellow jackets. It mainly constitutes the fossil remains of plants like algae. It should also be applied in large amounts at the entrance hole of the nest.

Use Cedar Oil
Cedar oil is very effective against yellow jackets. It works well against almost all types of insects as well as on anthropods. If the yellow jacket gets in contact with the cedar oil, they get suffocated with osmotic dehydration. The cedar oil also acts as an emulsifying agent of the insect’s body fat and eventually kills it. You can either spray the cedar oil directly to the nest or use a mix of boiling water and cedar oil.

Get Neem Oil
Essential oils like neem oil is an efficient yellow jacket repellent. Neem oil consists of an active component named azadirachtin. It has a great effect on the insect. It acts on the hormone system of the insect and destabilizes it. Thus, they get killed and also lose their reproduction abilities.

Gasoline-Effective Yet Dangerous!
Try this only as the last resort as it can have dangerous effects. It contaminates the ground surface and will also kill natural plants around the area. Hence, it can be used only if you are not able to do all the above natural methods. It is used only for yellow jacket nests in the ground. Pour gasoline into the nest through the entrance. The gasoline and fumes emitted from it will kill all the insects. Also, remember not use the flame of any sort. Flames cause gasoline to explode and cause fatal accidents.

You can also use WD-40 on the yellow jacket nests and kill them

The Riskiest Method
The riskiest way is to take the nest with gloved hands, put it in a bag and immerse it in water. But this method is hazardous if the yellow jackets come out of the nest and attack you.

Use Fire!
This is also a bit dangerous, but very effective. You can find the nest and put fire on it. You will have to use accelerant of some sort. But, always have a fire extinguisher in your hand and beware of other flammable objects in the vicinity.

More Of A Nuisance And Less Of A Threat!
Yellow jackets will only sting you if they get agitated and their nest gets disturbed. Otherwise, it is a just a nuisance and not much of threat. You can also adopt the ‘live and let live’ attitude taking care not to disturb its nest. But, if the nest is too near to your home or garden, then you will have to look out for methods to remove it.

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