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Now You Can Control House Fly With Vacuum!

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Vacuum House Flies and Zap Them in Effortlessly!

Do you have a vacuum in your home? Then, you can easily get rid of the house flies in and around your place! A vacuum helps you to become the pest controller of your home. Almost all types of pests can be effectively removed using a vacuum. It helps to remove and break the house fly population cycle in your house. The fact that this is an easy and non-toxic method makes it a much better option than many others.

How To Choose The Best Vacuum For Fly Removal?
If you are planning to buy a vacuum for removing flies and other pests, then here is a quick guideline to help you choose the best one:

  • Choose a vacuum which has a hose to suck up pests, bugs, and flies from uneven surfaces and overhead areas.
  • Canister vacuums usually have a hose attachment and also the facility to attach a rotating head for the brush. You can easily switch between a hose and the brush head according to your requirements.
  • You can make use of a HEPA filter if you or anyone in the family is prone to allergies. It reduces the airborne particulates easily. The only downside here is that the replacement parts can be costly.
  • It is better not to opt for simple bagless vacuums. They can clog the filters easily. The filters can be costly, and hence it is better not to take a risk. You can make use of cheap disposable bags or dirt separators vortex-style for extending the life of the filters.

Here Are The Steps To Trap House Flies With Vacuums

Here is how you can trap and kill house flies easily using a vacuum:

  • Get a moderately priced vacuum cleaner. The vacuum cleaner that is bit heavier than the lightest will be the best option. It will have flimsy pipes made of plastic which can be easily used over windows without damaging it. You can get an auto-return cable to make the disconnecting and plugging tasks easier. Always choose a high wattage vacuum.
  • It is better to hunt for flies during the early mornings or late evenings. The flies will be sluggish and sleepy at that time.
  • Approach the flies while the vacuum motor is already running and the nozzle of the vacuum is directed towards the flies. Flies can see from both front and back side. They are more conscious about moving objects than static ones. Hence, they will only fly towards the vacuum.
  • Advance towards the fly slowly and only move the nozzle of the vacuum towards it when you reach about 15 cm near the fly. Don’t keep waving the nozzle. The fly will fly away thinking it is not a moving object.
  • When the nozzle reaches about five to seven centimeters near the fly, it will start enjoying the vacuum sounds. The small brains of the fly will not be able to concentrate on escaping from danger and the preening together.
  • Allow it to preen for about twenty seconds. Now, take the nozzle of the vacuum to about four centimeters near it. Either the fly will get sucked inside, or it will fly straight into the vacuum nozzle.
  • If you did not succeed, shove the nozzle again forward for about fifteen centimeters. This will do the trick!
  • It can be a bit difficult to catch a fly in the midst of its flight. But if you continue pestering it with the nozzle, it will soon get tired and settle on a wall nearby. Now, you can try out the methods listed above.
  • Remember that the flies will learn to associate the sound with danger soon enough. Hence, do not turn off the vacuum in the midst of pursuing it. Continue your trial and suck it into the vacuum.
  • Dispose of the vacuum bag containing the flies or pests safely outside in a trash can so that you can ensure that they won’t make a re-entry into your home.

A Bug Vacuum Catcher Can Work Wonders In Catching Flies Too!

If you have a vacuum catcher used for getting rid of bugs at home, then you can use the same for killing the pesky house flies buzzing around your home and surroundings. A bug vacuum or aspirator is a small but robust vacuum cleaner which is portable. It will usually have batteries inside it.

  • The motor can start quickly and also has strong suction. It can easily trap house flies or any flying insects.
  • The fly can be either captured inside an internal surface which is adhesive or will be held within the device till it gets dehydrated and then die-off.
  • Bug vacuums with designs which are non-lethal can help in trapping the flies inside it. It won’t kill the insects inside it. Hence, the insects can be released later at a place away from your home.
  • Both professional and amateur entomologists use bug vacuums. People also buy it to get rid of pests like flies and bugs.

A Simple Vacuum Can Do Wonders!
There is no need to resort to harmful chemicals or store-bought complex traps when you can easily trap and get rid of house flies using a vacuum. Almost everyone will have a vacuum at home too. So, get set and use your vacuum for complete pest eradication!

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