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Yellow Jacket Prevention Using Killer Foams! Read On To Know More!

Why Yellow Jacket Venom Can Prove Fatal

Yellow jackets are aggressive wasps that can sting hard if you provoke them. Hence, if you have got yellow jacket infestation in your place and are looking for ways to get rid of it by using a yellow jacket killer foam, then you have landed on the right page! The first and foremost thing you need to make sure before you start on a mission to remove yellow jackets is to find whether you are allergic to the venom injected through their sting. No matter how much care you take, there is always a chance that you might get stung by an agitated wasp.

Are You Allergic To The Sting?
It is always better to get an allergy test done before you try to get rid of the nest. If you are not allergic to the sting, you can go on with your mission to get rid of the yellow jackets. But, if you are allergic, you will have to ask for help from someone else or get the services of an exterminator. Never do it yourself if you are allergic!

Points To Be Noted
There are certain important points to be noted before you embark on the mission to kill yellow jacket nest. When compared to the usual wasps, yellow jackets and hornets are much more difficult to be get rid of from your property.

  • The yellow jackets, as well as hornets, remain less active during the night time. They will all be inside the nest and will be drowsy. Hence, it is the best time to treat the nest and kill them.
  • In usual cases, the yellow jacket nests will have only one opening, and that will be towards the bottom portion of the nest. But, there are cases where the nests have more than one openings. Hence, check for the openings before you begin.
  • If you plan to do the yellow jacket nest treatment by yourself, then it is better that you wear protective clothing. Ensure that you don’t wear any loose clothing. Wear tight-fitting clothes, long-sleeved shirts, long pants, shoes, a cap and a face mask.
  • Wasp sprays are very effective in killing them instantly. Hence, keep a wasp spray as a defense mechanism just in case you need it.
  • If you stand directly under the nest, then chances of you getting stung are even more.

How To Choose The Yellow Jacket Killer Foam?
The next challenge you might face is how to choose the right killer to foam for killing yellow jackets. There are so many options available in the market, and so the chances are more that you might get confused which one to choose! Here are some pointers that will help you:

  • No Brand-New Products!
    There might be this brand-new product in the stores, and it might claim that it is very effective in getting rid of yellow jackets. But what proof do you have? You do not know anyone who has used it and found it to be effective. It may be good; it may be bad! Why take the risk? Hence, always check for reviews and choose a product that is recommended by most people. If it worked for many people, then the chances are more that it will work for you too!
  • Price!
    Your budget also plays an important role in the choice you make. If you prefer a low-cost product which works well and is reviewed by many people, then opt for that. But, if you are willing to pay a bit more for a good quality product, then you can choose that. Still, it is better not to look for very cheap options while you are battling with an aggressive wasp.
  • Long Range
    It is always better to choose a killer spray which can be used from a distance. It helps you to spray on the nest while standing at a safe distance, up to twenty-two feet away from the nest. It helps you to kill the nest and also safeguard yourself. So, even if you have a large wasp nest on your property, you can still stay at a safe distance and direct the spray on the nest to kill them effectively. Remember the fact that long-range sprays are better to be used outdoors only.
  • Safety
    The aerosol which is the main component in all these sprays is maintained to be in the non-conducting stage for about thirty-two thousand five hundred volts. Hence, be sure to check that.
  • Foam Or Spray?
    Some of the yellow jacket killer sprays are in the form of a foam. It kills wasps instantly. Whereas, some are in the form of a spray. They are jet sprays that can be applied from as long as twenty-seven feet. If you have a two-story building, then a jet spray will be very effective.
  • Use Spray Extenders
    Your safety has to be made sure of while you try to kill the yellow jacket nest. Hence, it is better that you buy a spray extender so that you stay at a safe distance while you treat the nest.
  • Non-Stain Sprays
    Non-stain sprays can be very effective as it kills the wasps easily on contact itself. The water-based formula ensures that it won’t leave any stains or a huge mess for you to clean afterward. The Permethrin present in these sprays induces the fast action of the spray. Hence, it is always better to choose water-based sprays that won’t stain your clothes or surrounding.
  • Bug Proof Sprays
    These come with silicon as the main ingredient and is found to be very effective against yellow jackets.
  • Common Ingredients
    The common ingredients in a spray are tetramethrin, prallethrin, cypermethrin, etc. Also, most of the sprays contain petroleum distillate.
  • Go For Economic Packs
    In some cases, buying a single pack of yellow jacket killer foam might be more expensive than buying an economical pack of twelve.
  • Extended Duration
    Some yellow jacket killer foams have extended duration of effectiveness so much so that it continues killing wasps that comes to the nest for about four long weeks. Hence, you need not keep applying the foam every day or every week. The foam will work on its own. So, choose a foam with extended duration if you have a large nest on your property.

Know More About Yellow Jacket Killer Foam And Ways To Use It

A hornet killer is very effective in killing the entire nest along with the pupae and larvae inside it. Even when the treatment is stopped, the residual action of the spray will continue killing wasps that reach the nest. Always ensure that you buy an easy to use spray without many complexities.

Tips To Kill Yellow Jackets

  • You can make use of a car wash concentrate in a five-gallon bucket and dump it all over the yellow jacket nest during night time to destroy the nest as a whole.
  • If there is an aerial yellow jacket nest on your property, never apply the spray by standing on the ground below the nest. Get a ladder and direct the spray into the nest to kill the yellow jackets effectively.
  • Use sprays often to ensure that no yellow jackets get to create a large colony in your area. If the wasps have built their nest in the ornamental shutters, then you can take a quick shot at them during cold nights when they are drowsy inside the nests. But, if there are flower beds or plants under these shutters, then it can kill them too.
  • The sprays paralyze the insects on contact. They might be seen wiggling out of their nests, but they will soon die and fall in a neat pile.
  • If you notice that some yellow jackets are returning to the nest even after killing the whole nest last night, apply the spray again to kill the returning wasps.
  • It is better not to use yellow jacket sprays indoors as it has a pungent smell that might be uncomfortable for little kids and pets. Hence, if you have wasps inside your house, it is better to ask for the services of an exterminator.

Ways To Use The Yellow Jacket Killer Foam
Here are the steps to use a yellow jacket killer foam effectively:

  • Read the manual carefully
  • It is better to be used for outdoor nests only.
  • Spray the nest during early mornings or late evenings when the yellow jackets are drowsy.
  • Maintain a safe distance from the nest. Never stand beneath the nest and spray on it. Point the spray towards the nest.
  • Spray the nest thoroughly until it becomes saturated in the foam or spray.
  • Leave the area immediately after the treatment.
  • The insects inside the treated nest will fall and die. Any insects returning to the nest will also die in the residual foam remaining inside the nest.
  • Wait for about twenty-four to forty-eight hours before removing the treated nest.
  • After all the bugs are dead, clean the floor with hot water mixed with soap and leave it to dry.
  • If any foliage of plants has come in contact with the spray, spray water on them and clear it.
  • Shake the can well before using. It helps to mix up the contents well and improve the effectiveness of the treatment.

Drenching The Yellow Jacket Nest
Get a liquid insecticide used for treating wasps in concentrated form and dilute it with water as directed on the cover. Now, fill this liquid into a sprayer with a hand pump. Start by spraying two to three feet all around the nest. Now, adjust the spray nozzle to get a pin stream of jet spray. Start spraying directly inside the nest. Ensure that you have a can of pyrethrin spray handy with you so that you can spray it on any wasp that emerges from the nest. This method helps you to kill all the adult wasps and also leave some residual spray in the nest to kill the yellow jackets that are hatching from the eggs. After drying the whole area, you must remove the nest and destroy it if possible. If you find it difficult to remove, then continue treating the nest with insecticide every fourteen days until you are sure that the nest has been completely evacuated.

What To Do If You Are Unable To Locate The Nest?
If you have searched all around your place and are still unable to locate the nest, fret not! We have the right solution for you! You can try treating the places you have seen the yellow jackets visiting often. This method won’t help in getting rid of the colony as a whole, but it will help in reducing the number of yellow jackets flying around and causing a nuisance to you.

  • The Treatment Method
    You will need a concentrated form of liquid insecticide used for treating wasps. Next, what you need is a hand pump sprayer. Dilute the insecticide in water according to instructions provided on the label. Fill it up in the sprayer, and now you are all set! Start applying this spray in all the areas you commonly see the wasps. Spray it under the window sills, cracks in your door, bushes, and overhangs. This method will help to kill yellow jackets instantly. You can even spray this directly on a yellow jacket if you spot one.

Some Extra Tips

  • As mentioned earlier, night time is the best time to kill yellow jacket nest. Opt for daytime treatments only after the wasp nest is treated the night before, after ensuring that all the wasps are dead. Now, you can remove the nest and treat the area. If any yellow jackets return to the nest, they will be killed in the residual remains of the treatment.
  • Even after successfully getting rid of the wasps, keep an eye on the area and check for any other wasp activities.

While treatment of the nest, never break the paper envelope covering the nest. The wasps will get agitated and attack you.

Precautions To Be Taken While Using Yellow Jacket Killer Foam

  • After the treatment, leave the area immediately and wait till the spray dries up
  • After handling the foam, wash clean using water and soap.
  • Never apply the foam directly on pets, humans, plants, food, utensils, areas of food preparation and on containers used to keep food.
  • Never apply this near to equipment’s as it can cause shock hazards.
  • Read the instructions and product label always before using the product.
  • Never apply it to edible plants or crops.
  • Don’t wet the asphalt excessively. Never apply it directly into sewers or drains.
  • The yellow jacket foams have an oily base. Hence, take extra care while using as it might leave a stain on surfaces that come in contact with it.

First-Aid Tips

  • If the foam falls on your skin, wash it immediately for about fifteen to twenty minutes. If it falls on your dress, remove the dress immediately.
  • If accidentally anyone swallows the foam, call your doctor or the poison control center as soon as possible. Do not induce the person tounless the doctor or poison control center asks you to do it. Never give anything to drink or eat to an unconscious person.
  • Keep the product container or the label at least with you while you take the person to a doctor. Show the product to the doctor.
  • Inform the Physician that product constitutes of petroleum distillate. It can cause aspiration pneumonia if the person vomits.

Take A Look At The Additional Uses Of Killer Foam Used To Kill Yellow Jacket Nest

The yellow jacket killer foam can also be used in many other ways. Take a look at the additional uses of the foam:

  • You can make use of a yellow jacket killer foam for self-protection. It can easily injure a person who tries to attack you even from a distance of ten feet.
  • It can be used as an easy substitute for pepper spray to keep handy in case of emergencies if an intruder enters your house or attacks you.

Environmental Hazards Caused By The Killer Foam
The yellow jacket killer foam has to be used carefully as it can cause severe environmental hazards:

  • The yellow jacket foam is very hazardous to aquatic life and will contaminate water bodies. Hence, never use it near or on water.
  • The contents of the container are kept under extreme pressure. It is flammable and has to be handled with caution. Keep it away from heated areas, sparks, and fire. Never puncture the container. If the container is exposed to a temperature above 130 degrees, it can burst.
  • It can cause stains in some cases. Hence, it is better to test it first before using.

How To Dispose of It?
If you are giving the container for recycling, empty and clean the product as instructed on the label. If it cannot be recycled, put it in the trash can. If it is partially filled, inform the waste agencies. Never pour it down the drain to dispose it off.

Preventive Methods

You can prevent yellow jackets from nesting in your area if you take care of a few preventive methods:

  • In case you observe many cracks and holes in an area, you can cover the whole area using black plastic to seal the edges and make sure the yellow jackets won’t nest inside it.
  • You can use a yellow jacket spray to spray around areas where yellow jackets tend to nest. This will prevent the chances of a nest on your property.
  • Keep inspecting your area for any activity of wasps or any chances of wasps setting up a nest in your yard. The earlier you detect, the better.
  • Keep your trash cans tightly covered with a lid. Open trash cans are a major source of wasp attractants.
  • If you are eating outside your home, never leave any drink or food uncovered. Also, remember to clean up the place after eating outside.

Your Choice Matters!
While selecting the yellow jacket killer foam, it is your choice that matters the most. There are multiple options available in the market. Make sure that you choose the best one with positive reviews from users. The stings of yellow jackets are very painful and can cause redness, itchiness, and swelling. Hence, it is better not to take a risk. Some products are available in powder form while others are available in aerosol form. In some cases, the yellow jackets build nests in places which are difficult to access using aerosol. In that case, you can use powders. Though the powders might take much longer time to kill them and is not as popular as aerosols, still it is effective.

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