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Simple Tips to Control Roaches Infestation


Managing and controlling roaches is never easy. You need to identify their location and hiding places in order to effectively manage and control them. It is important to remember that roaches are tropical species and hence they prefer to stay where they are warm. They feed on food and water thereby they exist where they can get easy access to both. The best way to manage these roaches is to not give them what they want.

Reduce Access to Food and Water
Reduction of access to food and water is the best way to go about it. Ensure that the food is stored in air tight containers or kept in a place that they cannot reach – e.g. the refrigerator. Ensure that there is no water spillage in the house as it can help as well.

Proper Sanitation
Healthy sanitation will prevent the appearance of roaches any day. Any trash and messy food needs to be put away. Never keep garbage containers near the door of the house. Check the pipelines and ensure that the sewage lines are free from leaks. Vacuum cracks and small holes in the house that can become potential storage for food and debris.

Limiting Access
You can limit the access of roaches to your home by ensuring that;
• The cracks and small openings are sealed
• Weather stripping is done for your doors and windows
• Inspecting outside food before taking them into the house
• The shrubs and plants around the house are trimmed and neat
• Increasing air circulation and natural light entry into the house
• Minimizing storage

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