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Yellow Jackets in House – Find Them Before it’s Too Late

Yellow jackets in house can offer a high risk for you and your family. If you find a yellow jacket in the house more often than not, then it is necessary that you track it down and check whether it is entering a hole in the roof, or visiting the attic quite often. More often than not, if you spot a single yellow jacket, it will be the queen who is trying to build her nest inside your home. Yellow jackets are aggressive and hence it is best to get rid of them at the earliest. If you establish the presence of yellow jacket nest in house, then it is always better to seek the help of a professional who will help in exterminating the nest.

Yellow jacket attic nest picture


Yellow Jacket Nest in House? Useful Tips to Avoid Being Stung

  • Avoid using colognes, perfumes and scented body lotions – scents can attract them
  • Never wear bright colored clothes – you can be mistaken for a flower
  • Avoid bringing home raspberries, grapes, apples, blackberries, pears and peaches – the sweet smell of these fruits can lure these wasps to your kitchen
  • Mint and plant oils can act as repellents of these foraging insects
  • Reduce access to water and food for these insects by keeping them covered
  • Clear the garbage or keep it closed
  • Do not leave unattended soft drink cans and bottles
  • Avoid moist pet foods
  • Eliminate drips from water faucets, basins, wash area, etc.
  • Clean up water puddles – ensure everything is dry

Video That shows a Wild Yellow jacket at House

It is a You tube Video Uploaded by Victor Poulin where he successfully captured the vicious Bald Faced Hornet and their nest.

Yellow Jackets in Wall – German Wasp or German Yellow Jacket

If you find yellow jackets in the house, more often than not, you will know that these are German yellow jackets, otherwise known as German wasps. This is a European species that builds its nest in walls and attics of a house or man-made structure. They can find wall cavities and start building their nest inside the wall similar to those underground nests. The German wasp is considered as pests as they are scavenging insects that are aggressive. Apart from the sting hazard, they also chew on the wood that are nearer to the walls and thereby weakening the structure. They can be dangerous if they build nests on the outside wall of the house, as there are more chances of them breaking in eventually. It is recommended that you call for professional help in this case as removing wall nests can be a very difficult task.

Best Way to Kill Yellow Jackets in the house

The best way to kill yellow jackets in the house is to use a vacuum trap. This trap will instigate yellow jacket workers and lure them into the trap. You can leave the trap for about a week or so as it will help capture some returning foraging workers and also help to capture any new ones that will hatch in the upcoming week.

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