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Now You Can Make Use Of Ant As Medicine!

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Ants Medicinal Uses Unlocked As Being the Herb of Kings

In developed nations, people might think that consuming insects would be the grossest thing to do. In some distinct cultures, ants are one of the most favored culinary delicacies. Besides the taste, ants are often used as a medicine and lauded for their medicinal properties. They also help in promoting self-healing properties of the body. Asian herbal specialists believe that this six-legged creature does wonders in helping to balance the metabolism of the body. Hence, if you feel that all the options are failing, then it might be the time to try consuming some ant juice!

Mountain Ant Extract Benefits!
Medical Practitioners and traditional medical experts have always relied on crawling creatures like ants for creating magical medicines. The special species of ants, known as black mountain ants are considered to be the best medicine to improve the overall health and lifespan of the users. Modern medical experiments prove that there is a possibility that extracts of ants cureand can be useful in treating critical illness conditions.

Weaver Ants To Fight Against Flu And Cold
The weaver ants are considered to be very effective against flu and cold for ages. Traditional medical experts claim that weaver ants are useful in fighting against infections. People who live in close proximity to such ants often use them for medicinal purposes. Formic acid, a strong chemical is found in the body of ants. It is used to protect their nests from predators. The same chemical is very useful for humans to fight against infections. It can also be added to boiling water. The vapor coming from the boiling water can be breathed in to get relief from cold and flu. You can also alternatively consume the juice.

The Black Mountain Ants To Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis
According to the traditional medicinal applications, black mountain ants are very effective in treating pain and inflammations. You can get instant relief from rheumatoid arthritis by using black mountain ants. The anti-inflammatory components present in black mountain ants are found to be very useful in rheumatoid arthritis treatments. They are also effective in modulating the immune system of the body. Ant body contains several nutrients and B vitamin. They are also the ideal natural sources for zinc.

  • Ants are treated to get the medicine. It can be used as a tincture or can also be mixed along with wine or tea. The ant can also be consumed as it is.
  • Black ants are used as a medicine since the past three thousand years.
  • A study conducted by the college of traditional medicine researchers on sixteen thousand arthritis patients proved that more than ten percent were completely cured and the rest experienced a reduction in pain when they used black ants as medicines.

Black Ants And Their Anti- Properties!

  • It is widely believed that black ants are very effective in fighting against . Clinical researches are being done to prove its effectiveness. Black ants are often considered as a one stop cure for all health issues.
  • Blacks ants are considered an adaptogen, which is a natural component that aids our bodies in getting adjusted to stressful situations. The stress can be physical, environmental or emotional.
  • Ant extract is often called as the ‘Herb of Kings’ due to its health promoting and preservation characteristics.
  • According to both alternative medicine and traditional medicine, there is a special ‘Doctrine of Signatures’. The doctrine states that some things found in nature will resemble a body part it is good for. For example, the kidney bean is said to be good for the kidney. Similarly, an avocado is said to be good for pregnancy. An avocado cut in two halves resembles a pregnant woman in shape.
  • According to Doctrine of Signatures, since the ant can carry objects that weigh much more than its own body weight, its extract is said to increase the body strength of those who consume it.
  • It is not a surprise that black ant chinese medicines are being used. Scientific studies on Chinese red ants, also called Formica Aquilonia by a group of researchers in Japan’s Iwate University proved that red ant extracts were able to successfully kill a cell line of rat’s livercells. They concluded that red ant extracts could make revolutionary changes intreatment. The findings were later published in the year 2009 in the medical journal named Journel of Traditional Medicines.

The Interesting Black Ant Extract Bodybuilding Supplement!

Ants are found to be more beneficial than we had ever thought! Most of us consider it to be a nuisance when in reality it can be a blessing in disguise. You can get ant powder extracts which can be easily added into your drinks, or can be even used for sprinkling over food or for adding in dishes while cooking it. It can be considered equivalent to any store-bought protein powders. Ant powder contains a high rate of proteins and hence nowadays many body-builders, dieters and athletes are using ant powder instead of their protein powders. It helps you to stay fit, healthy, lean and helps in adding fuel to your workout sessions. Even the recent 2013 UN report throws light on the nutritional benefits of consuming insects.

Ants Can Be Doctors!
The scientists conducted a study on a particular ant species named Formica Fusca. They offered the ants two different choices. One was pure honey and the other was honey which was spiked with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is toxic in nature. The study proved that ants which were affected by fungal infections chose hydrogen peroxide honey over natural honey. But healthy ants chose the natural honey only. The changes in preference proved that ants realize that hydrogen peroxide can help in curing fungal infections and the toxic effects are worth the risk when compared to their illness condition.

  • About Hydrogen Peroxide
    Humans use hydrogen peroxide as an effective antiseptic for small wounds. It usually comes in opaque brown bottles. It is found to be useful as it is a source of oxygen species that is reactive in nature. The chemicals are toxic both for us as well as the invaders. The chemicals can be easily found in the bodies of dead ants and aphids. These bodies act as a source of reactive oxygen for all the sick ants and help them survive.

The Chinese Pharmacies Sells Ants!
Now that you have understood that consumption of ants is good for health, don’t just go and grab any ant you see and eat it as it is. You need to get the ant extract and consume it to get the benefits. The Chinese black mountain ants, also known as Polyrhachis ant has too many benefits that it might be difficult to list all of them. No wonder it is called the ‘Herb of Kings’!

Take A Look At The Advantages Of Polyrhachis Ant!
Here are some of the advantages of using polyrhachis ant extracts:

  • Great Source Of Protein And Energy
    The extract of polyrhachis ant in the concentrated form is said to be a great source of energy and protein. It is believed to contain more than thirteen times the protein present in meat or fish. Hence, it is regarded as one of the best health supplement for athletes especially for those who are vegetarians. People who don’t consume meat and won’t prefer eating ants for proteins either can get the ant extracts and add it to their daily diet. It is also less expensive than the other expensive sources of protein like fish and meat.
  • Brimming With Zinc!
    Zinc is one of the essential needs for the proper functioning of one’s immune system. It is also a trace element necessary for the body. The black ant extract is said to be a rich source of zinc. It is estimated that a considerably large percentage of North Americans has reduced zinc levels in their body as a result of poor diet. People who regularly follow strict diets and also people who are vegetarians are observed to have a zinc deficiency. Zinc is an effective antioxidant and antibiotic which has the power to kill viruses, bacteria, and parasites in our body.
  • Boost Up The Immune System
    If you are looking for ways to boost up your immune system, then look no more! The polyrhachis ant extract is the one that you need! Some have a weak immune system, and this makes it difficult for their bodies to fight against various infections. This can often lead to serious health issues like severe fatigue syndromes.
  • Concentrated ATP Energy And Protein
    Black ant extract is a rich source of intense ATP energy and protein. Hence, it can help people with chronic fatigue syndromes, general fatigue and the health issues related to it. If you often experience a loss of energy, fatigue or exhaustion, then try black ant protein extracts. It can help you relieve the lost energy.
  • Sharpen The Functioning Of Brain
    The polyrhachis ant extract is very useful in improving the functions of the brain. It helps in boosting the power to retain one’s memory, think correctly and concentrate more! The extract of black ant helps in balancing emotions and thus supports the people suffering from depression and other mood disorders. Such issues usually crop up due to deficiency of proper nutrition. The extract of black ant is not just a little protein. It is the perfect food for brain ,complete with all the essential vitamins and minerals. It helps the tissues of the brain to grow. Low mental functioning and mental illnesses are the after-effects of brain damages caused due to injuries, poor diet plan, aging, alcohol abuse, toxic elements found in food, pollution of the environment, infections and drug abuse. The extract of polyrachis ant helps the brain in repairing itslef and improve the functioning of the brain as a whole.
  • One Of The Best Concentrated Supplements!
    If you check out the concentrated supplements you can get from your nearest stores; you will realize that polyrhachis ant extract is one of the best you can ever get! It is not only the best source of zinc and protein but also is an excellent source of vitamin- B1, vitamin- B2, vitamin E, vitamin-D, and vitamin- B12. It even contains over twenty essential minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  • A Cost-Effective Supplement!
    One of the significant issues faced by people who often buy supplements is that they are very costly. All types of supplement powders and pills are expensive. Whereas, the ant extracts are comparatively very cost effective and provide benefits that can easily surpass any other health supplement. It is a nutrient-rich supplement that can easily satisfy the daily nutrition requirements of a person.

Ant Medicines And Usage Of Ants For Stitching Wounds In The Body!

Ants are not only great medicines to be consumed for health benefits, but it can also be used for stitching wounds. The soldier ants who guard the ant colonies have whopper mandibles. You can use these for stitching wounds. You can place these on either side of your injury, and it will fasten on the flesh, and the wounds can be shut by pinching on the body. When they bite on something, they don’t leave it. Even if you remove their head from the body, still it will remain fastened on the flesh itself.

About Ants Used As Stitches
Recently a popular magazine conducted a study about ant stitches and confirmed that once ant stitches were indeed used as a method to stitch wounds. The East African tribe’s used Dorylus soldiers for traditional suture methods. The same theory is also applicable to the soldiers and South American people in the Eciton army ant species. Once the ant gets attached to the body and stitches the wound, the head is snapped from the body of the ant. The famous biologist, late Eugene Willis Gudger also confirmed the fact that the mandibles of ants were considered as a natural way to stitch wounds on the human body. If you take a look at the 1000 BC Hindu literature books, there also you can find the usage of this method in Europe and Asia Minor.

The Method Of Suturing
Live ants can be applied over a wound of one inch. Usually, Greek barbers were used to this practice. They will handle the ants that are 3/8 of one inch long using tweezers. Once the jaws of the ants get fixed firmly over either side of the wound, they will cut off the head of the ant using scissors. The mandibles will be removed later after about three days when the wounds get entirely healed.

The Hygiene Concerns In This Treatment
This type of treatment of wounds using ants is no longer practiced as even though they pinch the skin and close the wound, still it may not be hygienic. It can never compete with the modern treatment methods. Ants won’t be sterile and hence can cause infections. Researchers are yet to find the risks related to this treatment.

Ants Are Useful!
Next time, if you spot an ant, never consider it as a nuisance. It can be beneficial to us if used in the right way. The numerous medical properties of ants make it one of the favorites of insects!

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