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Vanity of Roaches Can Well Spell Doom for its Species

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Researchers at the North Carolina State University have found out that roaches spend most of their time on grooming and this nature can well spell doom for its very existence sooner or later. Truly though, that will never be an easy feat as we all know that they are tough to kill and can survive through harmful radiation and natural disasters. The roaches are found constantly cleaning their antennas that keeps their senses fresh. This find can invariably lead to the development of pest control that instigates this behavior and thereby ensures their doom.

The niche that the scientists are working on is the antenna which is the primary sensory organ for the roaches. By developing an insecticide that can reduce the antenna grooming can obviously lead to the impairment of its primary function. The roaches groom by running the antenna in its mouth. Insecticides can be developed in the form of dust or mist that can be fast acting on the roaches.

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