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Traditional Balkan Bed Bug Remedy For Effective Bed Bug Control

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The Kidney bean leaves have been known to be effective against the bed bugs as the microscopic hairs found in them can trap and stab these bugs without a fuss. Scientists are now keen on developing bed bug repellents that resemble these leaves. Bed bugs have made a distinct come back to the United States in the recent years and are found in abundance in public places like theatres, colleges, hostels, malls, hospitals, etc. They are transmitters of diseases and hence it is best to eradicate them once sighted.

The centuries old traditional remedy for bed bugs had motivated entomologists to replicate the microscopic hairs found in the bean leaves. The research is to duplicate these hairs by introducing micro fabricated materials on synthetic surfaces that help to trap the bed bugs similar to those of the bean leaves. This makes a safer and environmental friendly alternative that can be effective on these blood sucking parasites that are capable of hitch hiking, breeding and hiding at almost any place without being sighted.

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