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Trademarks For Usage Of Chemicals In Pest Control

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Trademark registration in India is divided into categories. Each category, known as a class, contains a distinct number of product or services. To register a chemical, one has to find the right category and trademark it within it.
In this article, we take an in-depth look into the trademark classes used for registering chemicals utilized in pest control. We also specify the other four classes under which more chemical substances can be registered. For each of the main five classes that trademark chemicals, the exclusions have also been given to provide a comprehensive picture.

. Class 5 is a prominent category which registers pharmaceutical products and preparations besides chemicals used in other fields. Pest control chemicals are covered under this Trademark Class. It pertains to both national and international registrations.

1.Products included:

  • Pest Control Preparations and Products
  • Food for Babies
  • Fungicides and Herbicides
  • Disinfectants and Antiseptics
  • Deodorizers and Air-purifiers
  • Dental Preparations and Articles
  • Dietary Supplements for Animals
  • Absorbent Articles for Personal Hygiene
  • Products and Preparations for Pharmaceutical
  • Dietary Supplements and Dietetic Preparations
  • Preparations and Articles for Hygiene and Sanitary
  • Preparations and Articles for Veterinary and Medical
  • Medical Plasters, Dressings, Coverings, and Applicators

2.Products excluded:

  • Deodorants
  • Diverse sanitary preparations and medical supportive bandages

. Class 4 exclusively defines products that can be trademarked as a lubricant and fuel products, illuminants, etc. It is the most broadly defined category.

3.Products included:

  • Lubricants, Industrial Oils, and Greases
  • Fuels, Bio-Fuels, and Illuminants
  • Dust Absorbing, Wetting, and Binding Compositions
  • Candles and Wicks for Lighting
  • Firewood and Wood Briquettes
  • Non-Chemical Fuel Additives
  • Electrical Energy
  • Preserving Oils for Leather or Masonry
  • Christmas Tree Candles

. Class 3 is purely for cosmetic products, preparation, and substances along with cleaning products.

4.Products included:

  • Dentifrices
  • Abrasive Papers
  • Oral Hygiene Products
  • Tailors and Cobblers Wax
  • Perfumery and Fragrances
  • Vehicle Cleaning Products
  • Animal Grooming Preparations
  • Hair Removal and Shaving Products
  • Essential Oils and Aromatic Extracts
  • Sanitary Preparations and Toiletries
  • Skin Care Preparations and Products
  • Products and Preparations for Hair Care
  • Body Cleaning, Beauty products, and makeup item
  • Products & Preparation for Cosmetics and Cleaning
  • Cleaning and Polishing Preparations for Leather and Shoe
  • Laundry Bleaching Preparations and other Substances for users

5.Products excluded:

  • The Chemical Chimney Cleaners
  • Sharpening Stones and Grindstones
  • Degreasing preparations used in manufacturing processes

. Class 2 trademark registration is considered when the products is a paint, dye, varnish, etc.

6.Products included:

  • Paints and Washes
  • Raw Natural Resins
  • Varnishes and Lacquers
  • Dyes, Colorants, Pigments, and Inks
  • Colorants for Foodstuffs and Beverages
  • Preservatives against Rusting and Corrosion
  • Paints, coatings, dyes, and inks thinners and thickeners
  • Substances and preparations that protect wood from deterioration
  • Foil or power form Metals used by the painters, decorators, printers, etc.

7.Products excluded:

  • Cosmetic dyes
  • laundry bluing
  • Paint boxes of children
  • Unprocessed artificial resins
  • All insulating paints and varnishes

. Class 1 is dedicated to chemicals that can be registered under the below-mentioned industry or segment, barring only a few.

8.Products included:

  • Manures
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Horticulture
  • Tanning Industries
  • Unprocessed Plastics
  • Photographic Industries
  • Preservation of Foodstuffs
  • Unprocessed Artificial Resins
  • Fire-extinguishing Compositions
  • Scientific and Research Industries
  • Manufacturing and other Industries
  • Tempering and Soldering Preparations
  • Adhesives which are used in various Industries

9.Products excluded:

  • Straw mulch
  • Natural resigns
  • Salts for food reservation
  • Chemical substances used in medical science
  • Adhesives for household or stationary objectives Herbicides, fungicides, and diverse preparations used for destroying vermin

It is clear that class 5 is utilized to trademark a pest control chemical. If you are in the pest control business (or thinking of entering it) and need assistance with a trademark registration procedure Vakil Search would prove to be immensely beneficial. As experts in trademarks, they can help you safeguard your proprietary information and intellectual property with utmost surety!

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