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Lakshmi Priyanka

I am a webmaster with specific interest on Home keeping. Pest control comes as an important aspect of Home Improvement. So, why not share the knowledge? thus came Pestcontrolplus.biz

Organic and Eco Friendly Ecosmart

Getting organic and eco friendly is the way to go these days and little surprises that the same has come good in the insecticide industry as well. Ecosmart is an organic insecticide that can come good against ants and roaches …

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Tempo Ultra SC Solution For Bugging Problems!

Bugs can get on your nerves no matter the species they belong to. Tempo Ultra is one of those multiuse insecticides in the market that can be used to get rid of the common bugs in the house – bed …

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Multiuse Delta Dust For Some Relief From Insects

This is a multiuse insecticide that provides relief from a wide range of insects. Not all products offer the same effect on all varieties of bugs though they may claim so. Delta Dust multiuse seems to be different though. It …

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Raid Into Ants an Roaches Nests

 Sprays work best with ants and roaches as they can be directed on them accurately. Raid is one such that has been in the news for being one of the best in helping to increase the mortality rates of roaches and ants. …

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Longview Pest Control Inspectors Work to Relocate Bats found in School

pest control cartoon

The Kilgore College of Cosmetology resumed after the holidays only to find two bats that had made the attic of the building as their home. The bats were first found flying harmlessly around the building but off-late it has been …

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Vanity of Roaches Can Well Spell Doom for its Species

Researchers at the North Carolina State University have found out that roaches spend most of their time on grooming and this nature can well spell doom for its very existence sooner or later. Truly though, that will never be an …

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Scientists Believe that Wild Insects Are Better Crop Pollinators than Bees

An international study in recent times in New Zealand has come out with a fascinating fact that wild insects help in becoming able crop pollinators than bees. For centuries we have believed that bees are the major contributors for pollination. …

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How to Detect Lawn Infestation?

Lawn infestations are common and hence it is necessary to ensure that your lawn is safe from any pest intrusions. It is necessary to conduct a lawn examination regularly at least once every week to ensure that your lawn is …

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Non Chemical Control Measures Against Spiders

Spider pest Control

Though some pests and insects can cause potential damage to property and trigger health issues, spiders are often considered beneficial. Garden spiders though primarily are found on trees and plants are actually useful in killing other insects and harmful pests …

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Things to Do for Before Hiring a Pest Management Service

Pest Management Service personal

Though there are some preventive measures and procedures that can help to keep pest infestations at bay, still there is every chance that your home can be infested by them. In such cases, it is always recommended to hire a …

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