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I am a webmaster with specific interest on Home keeping. Pest control comes as an important aspect of Home Improvement. So, why not share the knowledge? thus came Pestcontrolplus.biz

Techniques Used to Detect Dry-wood Termite Infestation

Termite attack image

The dry wood termite is seen as a potential threat that has the ability to destroy whole trees and wooden structures. It is hard to detect them as they are hardly seen. They love deep inside the wood and do …

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Dealing with Honey Bees In Your Establishment

Honey Bee removal

It can be an unnerving sight to watch honey bees swarming near your house, in the garden or a nearby tree. It is important to understand them a bit to evaluate whether they will become potential threats in the future. …

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Best Strategies Used For a Pest Free Environment

Pests are the most undesirable visitors who apart from causing monetary damage. Apart from the material losses, they also have conditions that lead to germs and thereby create health issues for people existing in the environment surrounding them. Some known …

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What is Green Pest Management and Control?

Green Pest

The go green initiative has been in reckoning for the past few years across all major fields. Though, the masking of this concept has come later than expected, it has made its announcement in the pesticide and pest control industry …

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Tips to Prevent Summer Pests With Integrated Pest Management

Summer Pest Control does not require you to be a professional to keep pests at bay. Summer excites the pests and this is the right time to show who is in charge of your home and garden with these Pest …

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How A Well Devised Pest Management Structure Works?

Pest Management

Pest Management is a very strong and value oriented phrase that most people do not understand on the first instance. It is just not about eradicating the existing pests, but devising a series of methods that ensure analyzing the kind …

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Feasible Smart Solution For Ants Announced by BASF

Ants have been the major reasons for people hiring pest control services. In this note, has come out with an array of products that can be used to evade the most prominent pests in our homes. These selected product ranges …

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What it takes to be in a Pest Control Job?

ABC Pest Control’s Mark Govan talks about what the pest control job industry has to offer. Stressing the point that Pest control is not just about running behind pests he explains about bigger the part of pest control in food …

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Pest control in Gardens – Video by Expert Village

Scott the presenter finds out that some of his plants in the garden have been unhealthy. Closer investigations reveal an attack on the roots. He talks about natural processes that adds calcium and stalls the growth and development of slugs …

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Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? Video from Howcast

Bed Bug Images

Brief Description of the Video:Where Do Bed Bugs Hide? Jeff White a research entomologist talks about places where you can find bed bugs. Obviously it is the bed, but there are specific locations like the crevices and other portions where …

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