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I am a webmaster with specific interest on Home keeping. Pest control comes as an important aspect of Home Improvement. So, why not share the knowledge? thus came Pestcontrolplus.biz


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Aphid Control Facts & Considerations

The World of Aphids – Know Your Pests Better! Ever wondered about giving an aphid a closer look? You can try spotting them in the woods near your homes but you’d most probably miss them. They are soft and tiny …

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How Do You Control House Flies using Sprays?

Housefly Spray

Flies are more than a mere nuisance; their presence alone is often annoying, leaving alone the effects they have on the larger well-being of humans. Being carriers of deadly diseases, flies can easily infest food items and are capable of …

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Housefly Anatomy – A Detailed Analysis

Housefly Anatomy

The Common housefly is one of the most commonly found insects across the world. Though it is a common specimen, there is much to be learnt about this insect, which has the potential to spread some of the most common …

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Natural Pest Control Methods To Promote A Healthy Orchard

Going natural is the way in pest control. Protect your garden and orchards with natural pest control products. Gardening is turning out to be the most relaxed and rewarding hobby. Learn how to enjoy the rewards with local trees. Pest …

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Simple And Useful Means To Control Pests

Every area has their unique pest control issues. Most cities in the United States are affected by unwanted pests that cause havoc affecting homes. Only a professional can provide the right solution to get rid of harmful pests. These dangerous …

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Yellow Jackets and Bald Faced Hornets – Similarities and Differences

Yellow jackets are a sub species of wasps and can be easily identified by their strong yellow tinge. The bald faced hornets, though only by name are hornets, are actually yellow jackets that are colored black and white. Their black …

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Bees, Wasps and Hornets – Know the Difference

Green Pest

Among the common garden insects of today, bees, wasps and hornets steal the show during the spring and summer months. They belong to the Hymenoptera insect classification. An interesting love-hate relationship exists among the humans for this particular insect group. …

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Yellow Jacket Wasp Life Cycles & Habits

Yellow Jacket Wasp Life Cycle

 Yellow Jacket’s Life Span begins in the annual colonies where inseminated young queens wait through the winter in protected locations in stumps, logs, under barks, inside stacked up firewood, etc. Some yellow jacket queens take refuge in attics of homes and …

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Bald Faced Hornets Sting, Treatment and Cure

The Dolichovespula maculata popularly known as the bald faced hornet comes from the same family as that of the yellow jackets. The significant white and black color differentiates it from its yellow brothers. Though popularly known as the hornet, this …

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