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Get Rid of Yellow Jackets – Baits, Sprays & Traps Used For Yellow Jacket Removal

Get rid of yellow jackets as soon as you sight a few of them as they are aggressive and can sting multiple number of times posting a danger to humans, when they build their nest near homes or areas where there is high human activity. Yellow jackets defend their nests aggressively and some of them are easily provoked. Though yellow jackets can be beneficial at times, they pose a serious threat when they nest near your residence.

Getting Rid of Yellow Jackets

There are plenty of methods that are used in the present day to get rid of these pests and some of them are mentioned below for your reference.

Yellow Jacket Traps

Yellow Jacket TrapsIf you are looking for a non toxic and pesticide free yellow jacket removal, yellow jacket traps are the best way to go about it. An odor attractant is used to lure the insects out of the nest onto sticky surfaces, jars and vessels that can drown them. Commercial attractants, synthetic lures and food baits can be used to like soda, juice, fish, meat, sugary eats, etc. Most yellow jacket traps have entrances that allow them to enter and not exit.

Trap Video 

Yellow Jacket Removal – Points to Note

  • Yellow jacket traps must be placed away from human activity areas
  • Traps can be placed in potential nesting places
  • Trapped yellow jackets if dead can be removed from the trap
  • Trapped yellow jackets that are still alive can be killed by placing the trap in the freezer
  • A yellow jacket trap can be used only to prevent infestation or capture individual insects. They are not effective in treating entire colonies

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Yellow Jacket Bait

Yellow jacket bait is used widely to help terminate the entire nest unlike the yellow jacket traps that helps to capture individual insects. Yellow jacket insecticide baits can be used for a large spread area. Yellow jacket baits have significant advantages and hence help in yellow jacket extermination. Yellow jackets being foraging pests, locate these insecticide coated baits, consume them and carry some back to the nest. Inside the nest, they feed it to the larvae and the queen which invariably helps in destroying the colony for good.

Yellow Jacket Bait Station 

Yellow Jacket Bait Station

Types of Yellow Jacket Bait

There are different types of yellow jacket baits used today. The most popular are the meat based ones as it works the best on these pests. These are more effective on scavenger yellow jackets. Sugary baits can be effective on these species but can attract honey bees as well which are able pollinators. Insecticide baits can be prepared with tuna, cat food, minced meats, etc. A little tab of vegetable oil on the bait can help as it enhances the acceptance levels of these baits by the yellow jackets.

Points to Ponder

  • Bait stations can be used to ensure that only yellow jackets fall prey to the bait and the other non-target insects are not affected
  • The holes are designed to fit in yellow jackets alone
  • Bait stations can be placed at two per acre and these bait stations can be hung from different supports like fence posts, vegetation, etc.
  • Testing few types of baits before using them on the stations is recommended

Yellow Jacket Spray

Yellow jacket spray has effectively answered questions about how to exterminate yellow jackets in the present day. Jet type aerosol sprays work wonders with this species if you are trying to eradicate a nest of yellow jackets. Aerosol sprays propels a narrow stream of the insecticide spray thus enabling you to stand a safe distance away from the nest. Yellow jacket sprays helps to quickly knockdown the workers in the nest hence minimizing the risk of them barging out to attack the individual doing exercising the control. Some effective sprays in the market ensure that the yellow jackets die an instant death.

Tips to Use Yellow Jacket Spray

  • Choose a spray that specifically is made to exterminate yellow jackets
  • Spray using a narrow nozzle sprayer as the yellow jackets nest are narrow mouthed
  • Wear a beekeeper’s suit to protect yourself from angry stings
  • Spray the insecticide onto the mouth of the nest
  • Using a professional respirator while spraying for breathing protection

Yellow Jacket Extermination

Yellow jacket extermination needs to be carried out during the night hours when all the foraging insects are back in their nests. Moreover the night time makes them a little subtle and hence they are least likely to sting. It is important to wear protective clothing to ensure that even if these specimens sting, it does not get past your clothing onto your skin. A light colored clothing preferably a bee suit or heavy overalls can do the job. It is important to wear high sleeved leather or canvas gloves. A helmet or a hat needs to be worn with a protective veil that fits to the gear perfectly.

Yellow Jacket Killer Treatment for a Ground Nest

  1. Locate the Nest – Hunt around for the nest during the day and take note of where these wasps disappear into the ground. Check for two openings if it is so, you may need to block one so that the wasps don’t escape
  2. Apply an Aerosol spray directly into the entrance of the nest from a safe distance
  3. Dust can also be applied liberally in and around the nest using a duster. Insecticide dust kills almost immediately and hence can prevent any wasps escaping through the opening
  4. Where the ground covering is thick and the exact location of the nest cannot be identified, it is recommended to use liquid insecticides with the help of a gallon sprayer.

Pictures of extermination process

Yellow Jackets Control For Aerial Nests

  1. Red Cellophane Flashlight – Yellow jackets can’t see red light and hence cover your flashlight in red cellophane to identify and flash at the nest in the dark
  2. Apply Aerosol spray or dust with the help of a plastic injecting tip. Using this at the back of the nest is recommended than the front entrance
  3. With the help of a very large plastic bag cover the entire nest, pull or cut down the branch from where the nest hangs and inject aerosol or dust into the bag and seal it up.

Test Your Yellow Jacket Knowledge

  • How to repel yellow jackets?
  • Is a yellow jacket a wasp or bee?
  • Do you know the yellow jacket scientific name?

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