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Know How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets On The Wall

Yellow Jackets On The Wall

As you already know, Yellow jackets are an aggressive species of wasps which stands out with their yellow and black patterned abdomen. Their infestation aggravates in the late summer season between August and September and they come close to human habitation lured by food (typically sugar based) etc.

In spite of them being beneficial insects, these pests are instant attackers and is capable of leaving you painfully stung. A specific species of this insect called as German yellow jacket are prone to build their nests within a building rather than outside. The most common nest locations of these insects are wall voids, voids in concrete blocks, attics, and drop ceilings. Having a Yellow Jacket Nest inside your home can be annoyingly scary, so read on to find out what can be done.

Removing Yellow Jacket Nest Out of the Wall
The first step in getting rid of the nest is to locate it on the wall and this could be done by carefully observing the flying pattern of the insect so as to know where it settles. This would help you to track its nest.

The nests built by the German Yellow Jackets can vary in size. Sometimes they might be in size of a basketball, where as they have the ability to grow up to ten times larger over time. After locating the nest it, you can move to the next step in the procedure.

When to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets?

The ideal time to get rid of Yellow Jackets from the wall cavities would be night time or early morning. These pests are quite inactive during the night, which would ensure that your activities would not trigger them thereby facilitating a complete eradication. Experts also recommend that cold weather is conducive for removal of Yellow Jackets, as these insects cannot survive winter (except for the queen). However if you want to get rid of them during the warm season, try to use a spray, powder or repellent first, to kill the pests.

How to get rid of Yellow Jacket Nests from Wall Void

As we already discussed, having a Yellow Jacket nest on your wall can be quite disturbing and these are some effective methods of eradication:
Bug Zapper: This is tried and tested method, and all you have to do is to place a bug zapper next to the nest and turn it on. The aggressive yellow jackets would try to attack the object, and will be killed automatically.
Spraying Insecticide: You can get rid of the yellow jackets and their nests by spraying on a powerful insecticide like deltametrin. It can be placed over the entrance of the nest at night, which will make the pests get the chemical smeared on them as they enter the nest. However, the effect would be manifested only in a few days.
Aerosol spray: In this method, the spray should directly be aimed at the nest so as to ensure that it would be effective and quick.
Professional Help: To stay safe from the insects, you can call a professional exterminator, as he / she would be an expert in the job and you can be relieved from the worry.

• Be careful while using the synthetic pesticides as these contain toxins that could be harmful. Always try to use, organic products as they are safe and environment-friendly.
• Once all the yellow jackets are cleared from the nest, make sure you inject a long lasting pesticide or insecticide into it. So that a re infestation would not occur

The Challenges in removing Yellow Jackets from the wall voids

The one of greatest challenge in removing the yellow jackets from wall voids is finding the exact location of the nest. Once the location is identified, the experts suggest that it would be best to open the wall completely, because otherwise a complete eradication may not be possible.

Important Tips in Yellow Jacket Prevention
Here are some tips to help you prevent Yellow Jackets from entering your house.
• Always keep the food items and drinks covered
● Always tightly shut your trashcans
● Try to avoid feeding pets in the garden/patio/lawn
● Try to seal wall voids in the roofing or siding of your home.

Related Facts
● If the nest is in the attic or any other unoccupied region, you might not experience much trouble.
● If it is in the cinder block or behind a wood panel, it can be very expensive to remove the same.
● If it has many dead larvae, it can rot and create a bad odor that might attract other insects.

The Common Mistakes to Avoid

When you are planning to eradicate Yellow Jackets from the walls always remember that:

1. Using a wasp freeze to kill a yellow jacket would not work as it is designed specifically to sharp-shoot an insect that can sting or has an exposed nest.
2. A liquid insecticide may not work as it will not be able to penetrate into large nests.
3. Avoid eliminating a wall void nest during daylight hours. For a better kill, and a safer result, you should do it at night.

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