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Feasible Smart Solution For Ants Announced by BASF

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Ants have been the major reasons for people hiring pest control services. In this note, BASF has come out with an array of products that can be used to evade the most prominent pests in our homes. These selected product ranges help to fight against ants without burning a hole in your pocket. The inside out treatment package comprises of a list of products that needs to be used in layers. The theory of treatment on the structure, off the structure and inside the structure ensures that there is a high mortality rate.

The ‘on structure treatment’ works on the transfer effect where in the ants that pass by the treatment area, get infected and pass on the infection to others in the colony resulting in high mortality. The ‘off structure treatment’ is to ensure that trees, plantings, soil, grounds, etc., in the near vicinity of the existing colony is treated to ensure that no other new colony is built in the surrounding areas.

basfThe ‘inside structure treatment’ helps to keep out other ant species as well. This is basically recommended to complement the other two treatments to ensure there is no lock-in or budding infestations. Special products that are safe to use indoors are recommended by BASF as it has to be effective without having any health implications on the residents of the house.

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