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Lakshmi Priyanka

I am a webmaster with specific interest on Home keeping. Pest control comes as an important aspect of Home Improvement. So, why not share the knowledge? thus came Pestcontrolplus.biz

Get Rid of Yellow Jackets – Baits, Sprays & Traps Used For Yellow Jacket Removal

Get rid of Yellow Jackets

Get rid of yellow jackets as soon as you sight a few of them as they are aggressive and can sting multiple number of times posting a danger to humans, when they build their nest near homes or areas where …

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Yellow Jackets Wasp or Bee?

A Yellow Jacket Image

Yellow jackets are common in the North American continent and can be seen in numbers during the spring and summer months. They belong to the Vespidae family of wasps. They look similar to bees with their prominent yellow and black …

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Do Yellow Jackets Make Honey

Do Yellow Jackets make honey?

No, Yellow jackets do not make honey, but they do drink the nectar of flowers. Read more to get a better understanding. Yellow jackets belong to the genus vespula. They are stinging insects much like the bees but are gifted with …

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Yellow Jacket & Bald Faced Hornet Scientific Name – Do You Know It?

The term yellow jacket is popular in North America that is given to a section of predatory wasps that have a prominent yellow and black coloring. They can be easily mistaken for bees and some people actually think that these …

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Do Yellow Jackets Bite or Sting?

Hornets bite

Yellow jackets sting with a barbless stinger & they also bite with their mandibles!!!, but wait you must know more about this wasp.Yellow jackets are eusocial wasps that have a distinct class system. These omnivorous insects are considered to be very useful …

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Yellow Jackets in House – Find Them Before it’s Too Late

Yellow jackets in house can offer a high risk for you and your family. If you find a yellow jacket in the house more often than not, then it is necessary that you track it down and check whether it …

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Yellow Jackets – Facts, Nests and Control Methods

Yellow jackets are predatory eusocial insects belonging to the vespula family. Most yellow jackets are ground nesting wasps that can be easily be mistaken for bees. True to their name they have a prominent black and yellow coloring (except for …

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Yellow Jackets in Ground

Yellow Jackets nest

Have you ever wondered why you see yellow jackets in ground when they are actually flying about all the time in search of food for their young ones and queen? Well, the answer is simple, most yellow jackets build their …

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Yellow Jackets – Bees or Wasps ?

Yellow jackets - are they bees or wasps

Many have this question of “Are Yellow Jackets Bees or Wasps?”. Yellow jackets are distinctive eusocial insects that are colored in black and yellow. Yellow jackets can be mistaken for honey bees as they are similar in their body coloring …

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