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How To Get Rid Of Yellow Jackets In Attic?

Yellow Jackets In Attic

Yellow Jackets can become a buzzing problem if they are not controlled at the right time. It is extremely common to see them build nests in the attics. This happens mostly because the attic is usually not accessed on a regular basis which provides a great level of protection to these pests from humans, weather, animals and other predator insects.

Sometimes, you may not notice their presence of yellow jackets in your home, but it can lead to threats on safety and health of the entire household. The infestation is likely to occur during late summer and early fall as their activity is peak then.

Identify the Yellow Jackets in Your Attic

It is important to first identify the presence of Yellow Jackets before getting rid of them. Often it can be quite tough to make sure that your problem is from Yellow Jackets and not from wasps or bees, as all these insects have the tendency to build their nests inside. In case if you are not quite sure about the identity of the pests, it would be best to seek a professional’s help.

Signs of Yellow Jacket Infestation

Sometimes, it might make you wonder how the infestation happened. But these Yellow Jackets are experts in getting into the attic through small holes or cracks. If you happen to spot few in the top floor, it might be quite possible that they have come in through the ceiling. They create their own distinct identity by letting out a buzzing sound which would help you locate their nest. Once located, you can take the steps in getting rid of them from your attic.

Methods to Get Rid of Yellow Jackets in Attic
So you once you have spotted the nest, it is best to start with the procedure to get rid of the yellow jackets. There are many options for eradication which are:

Use Traps: Insect traps could be used to capture the yellow jackets from the attic. These traps are aptly sized, which allows you to use them in your attic or on the roof according to your need. The sugary or sweet liquid in the traps, would lure these insects in and kill them. These traps can easily be made at home, please click here to know more about making traps.

Chemicals: There are many chemicals which would help in killing the yellow jackets from the attic. Some of these are organic, and causes no harm to the pets and environment. However, most of these chemicals are poisonous, and has to be used with utmost caution. These chemicals come in the form of powder and sprays and would work best when used at the entrance of the nest. Are you a supporter of environmental protection? Then know about natural repellents here.

Professional Help: Hiring a professional exterminator could be the last resort because of the cost involved; nevertheless, it is the most effective. This method of killing the yellow jackets is preferable as pros are trained to identify the insect and provide the best solution. Therefore, if you have tried the alternative methods and were not successful, you can always hire the professionals.

Use Repellents: In case, you have very few yellow jackets in the attic, you can use a repellent. Thought this is not a permanent solution, but it will definitely help in protecting people who are allergic to Yellow Aphids. If you happen to be in an infestation prone area, it would be best to keep a repellent in the first aid box. Whereas, there are different kinds of repellents available in the market and some can be easily made at home. Know more about it here.

Preventing Yellow Jackets from Entering Your Attic in Future

Wait, even when you have removed the yellow jackets from the attic once, there is no guarantee that these insects will not revisit you again. It is vital for you to take the necessary precautions to keep them away.

1. Fill-up holes, cracks, openings and burrows: Try and make sure that, no parts of your attic is left unattended. At the same time, also keep checking the siding of your house for openings and cracks on the shed and garage. It is important to fill the cracks and openings to prevent the entry of the insects.
2. Use Wired Screens in the Attic: Having good ventilation would also help, so for that, you can use wire screens (this would prevent the queens from entering the attic).

3. Regular Monitoring helps: Remember to check all the prone areas of your house every spring and fall season. Such regular monitoring would help you in locating the Queens

Whenever you try to get rid of the yellow jackets in your attic or anywhere in your home, remember that, you should do it as soon as your spot the nest. Find out the best possible method of removal that suits your need and then proceed to lead a pest free peaceful life!

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